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6 Key Steps to Developing a Great Business

Attend this seminar and youll take away enough practical & proven ideas in 6 key areas to ensure your business makes more money and you get back more focus, control and time.
18th February 2016 9am
The Life Centre, 235 Washway Road, Sale, M33 4BP, Manchester. 
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The aim of Mark's Marketing Training is to help you make more profit (and have all the positive feelings that go with making meaningful progress when you’re seriously growing and moving forward).

Mark's style is to make your Marketing Training simple and understandable. You will find it easy to go out and put these strategies and tactics into action immediately.

We’ll be focusing on these 10 areas:
1   How to stand out from your competition in a meaningful way.
2   How to calculate the real value (£) of a client.
3   How to Attract the right clients.
4   How to Retain clients for longer.
5   How to Generate more Leads & Enquiries
6   How to Convert more Leads & Enquiries
7   How to increase Purchase Frequency 
8   How to increase Purchase Value
9   How to increase your Margins.
10 How to cultivate an exceptional Customer Service environment (I’ll introduce you to the magical world of Critical Non Essentials)
This practical knowledge will give you the confidence and inspiration to get out there and ‘give-it-a-go’ as soon as possible.
Additionally, we’ll be working on how to carve out sufficient TIME to invest in your Marketing.
This is one of the hardest things about Marketing - finding the time to do it.
Mark will share with you his top 12 Time Management Tools for:
(i)  Making sure you’re doing the Right Things (the things that add most value)
(ii) How to do those things as Efficiently as possible (and ditch, delay or delegate the less important stuff) 
The cost the event is £47 + VAT.
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