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I Love Social Circle
  • Connect with other 30s to 50s professionals.
  • Join exciting events to meet new people.
  • Make new friends. Discover new passions.
I made friends, saved a pile of money and tried some new things - what's not to like?

Make friends! Enjoy life!

Social Circle is a members-only friendship group based in Manchester. We host over 100 events per month, most of them completely free to our members.

Our membership has grown steadily over the last 10 years - a growing group of friendly and supportive people from all backgrounds. We provide a safe, fun environment for you to meet other people and expand your social circle.
All of our events are run by professional Social Circle hosts, who will make every effort to make you feel at home and welcome.

Many of our members are now lifelong friends (we have even had a few weddings between members!) and we welcome new members every week.

Try Us For Free!

We would like to warmly invite you to come along to a free event to see what we are all about. You will be made welcome by our professional host on the night - we guarantee you will meet some lovely people, share fun and exciting experiences together and have a good time.


We honestly believe that there is no other group in Manchester that offers such a wide selection of free events, discounted holidays and weekends away.
No other group offers such an opportunity to make new friends in a safe and friendly space.



what makes us different

  • Over 100+ events per month to satisfy every interest: from walking to comedy nights to touring the hottest bars in town
  • A personalised service, with event reminder texts and emails
  • A professional host to welcome you and introduce you to our members at every event.
  • Free Cinema Tickets, Bowling, Comedy, Fitness Classes and much more included.
  • Great value weekends away and European Holidays

PLUS there is no obligation or commitment, try us out by claiming your free taster event.

why join social circle

Types Of Event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old or too young?
At Social Circle, we are all about zest for life and a passion to meet new people. If that sounds like you, we don't care what year you were born in. The majority of our members fall between the ages of 27 and 52 but we have younger members and we have older members. So as long as you are willing to share some fantastic new experiences, you can leave the rest to us :)
What can I expect to happen at an event?
You will know exactly where we are at any event as we will notify you beforehand, both by SMS and email, to provide you with the exact details. When you arrive, the host will greet you and introduce you to the other members at the event. The host will also know that it is your first time and make you feel right at home, answering any queries you may have.
What if I'm nervous?
Many of our members are nervous at their first event; it is something we're very much aware of. If you would like to let us know in advance, we will answer any questions you may have. Our host will even meet you prior to the event and have a chat with you before you both enter the venue, if you feel that this would help.
Wait, you even pay for the cost of my cinema ticket?
Yes, we really do! That is just one of the ways that make Social Circle so valuable. Your membership fees are paid for by attending just a cinema event and two fitness classes or two walks and a bowling night. What's more, each one of these events enable you to experience what makes Social Circle so special: the ability to meet people just like you, with similar interests and hobbies, and a zest for life.
Where are your events based?
Many of our events are based in the City Centre, but we also hold a large number of social events n South Manchester. We focus on these areas specifically due to ease of transportation links. However, if you're based in North Manchester, or any area surrounding Manchester for that matter, we would love to see you. Of course, we also offer walking days and weekends outside of Manchester, as well as a selection of European city breaks.
What happens after I join?
You will be immediately sent your login details, which will allow you to access the members area of the website. You will then be able to book on to as many events as you wish. When the date of your first event arrives, you will receive both an email and an SMS with explicit instructions on where to meet. The host will take it from there :)
How do I join?
Once you have decided to enhance your social life with Social Circle, meeting lots of new people and sharing some fantastic new experiences, all that is required is just two minutes of your time completing this short form.
What do you mean by inclusive events?
At Social Circle, we love to take care of our members. Even so, many people are sceptical when we tell them just how inclusive our events are. Many of our events, which are free for members, include the cost of the activity itself. For example, if you book a free place at a cinema event, the cost of your cinema ticket is included. The same applies for walks and tours from local tour operators and fitness classes at local health clubs. The list goes on.


Our Members

Moving on up

I only knew one person in Manchester before I had to relocate here for my job. Fortunately, she pointed me in the direction of Social Circle. Not being the most confident person in the world, I was quite nervous over what to expect. I needn't have worried.


Breaking up is hard to do

Unfortunately, I lost a number of friends after breaking up with my ex-boyfriend and my weekends had become too quiet for my liking. Now I go to at least two events a month and am expanding my social circle all of the time.


People make the world go round

Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in one of the greatest cities in the world with lots to see and do. When you can enjoy the right city with the right people, it makes you realise what life is really all about.


Always The Bridesmaid...

Having seen a number of my friends enter relationships (including two, who recently married), I suddenly found my social life shrinking before me. I would never have even considered joining a social group but, as sceptical as I was, my social life has never been better.