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Social Circle is Manchester's social and activity network. We offer an effortless way for people in Manchester to make new friends and have fun and adventure on the way.

Hi, I'm Steve

Relocating from Scotland to Manchester in my mid-30s meant I had to start building a new network from scratch. Making friends in your 20s seems easy, but it tends to get harder as you get older.

I started to meet people who felt the same way. Some whose children had flown the nest, others were recently divorced, and some, like me, had relocated.

Whilst there were plenty of opportunities to meet people through networking events, dating sites or one-off socials, there wasn't a group with the sense of adventure and community spirit I was looking for.

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So, in 2009, Social Circle was born. Our tight-knit community of members join solo but leave with life-long friends. We're not a dating group, but many people have also found love over the years!

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Our members come from all walks of life, but there's something we all have in common – a desire to meet new people and make the most of our free time. Some have been a part of Social Circle for years, others are new to it all, but everyone is made to feel welcome. As your host, I'm here to make introductions, plan activities that suit our members' interests and, most importantly, ensure everyone has a great time.

By joining Social Circle, you'll have access to over a hundred events and activities in Greater Manchester and beyond every year. You're welcome to attend as many as you like – whether you want to try something new, stick to what you know or join events that fit in with your schedule.
If you have any questions about our membership, please feel free to get in touch.

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And its surrounding areas are where most of our members live and where our events take place.


Could be something you've tried, but meeting kindred spirits is what you're really looking for.


Is the average age-range of our members.


Doesn't mean alone – we're a community that believes experiences are better shared.


Is what Social Circle is all about.


Is what life was made for – let's start today!


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