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I was sceptical, but decided to try the free event. I'm so glad I did!
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Social Circle

What is Social Circle?
Social Circle is Manchester's No. 1 social and activities network, bringing together like-minded people in a platonic setting. It provides you with an opportunity to not only expand your social network but to explore the best of what Manchester has to offer.
Whether you enjoy going out at the weekend and sampling some of Manchester's finest bars and restaurants (of which, there are many) or walking in the countryside, caving, and other outdoors activities, there is something for everyone on our extensive events calendar.
But no matter which activities you enjoy, the key to Social Circle is always about meeting new people and having fun.
Who are your members?
They tend to be busy professionals who wish to expand their social circle. They come from all over Manchester and surrounding areas and from all walks of life, with one common goal; to meet new people and have a good time.
We find that some of the main reasons you may wish to join include:
  • You are new to the area
  • Your friends are all coupled up or married off
  • You are busy and don't have time to meet people
  • You already have an extensive social network but just love meeting new people
If I arrive on my own, would I be the only one to do so?
In fact, the opposite is true. Whilst some new members come along with a friend for support, the vast majority do so on their own. The entire foundation of Social Circle is built on bringing together like-minded individuals, with almost everyone arriving on their own to meet new people just like you. Don't worry: we are a really fun and friendly bunch!
What if I'm nervous?
Many of our members are nervous at their first event; it is something we're very much aware of. If you would like to let us know in advance, we will answer any questions you may have. Our host will even meet you prior to the event and have a chat with you before you both enter the venue, if you feel that this would help.
Am I too old or too young?
At Social Circle, we are all about zest for life and a passion to meet new people. If that sounds like you, we don't care what year you were born in. As long as you are willing to share some fantastic new experiences, you can leave the rest to us. :)
I live outside Greater Manchester, is it for me?
Many who attend our events come from all over Greater Manchester but also from surrounding areas such as Knutsford, Stockport, Altrincham and Warrington.
So yes, it is absolutely for you too.
I've just joined. What do I do now?
It's easy. Browse our extensive calendar and decide which event/s you want to attend first. Then get booking.


Do I need to become a member?
We're a fully-fledged 7-day-a-week business and, as such, incur costs e.g. staff. You just need to take a look at our busy busy calendar to see the huge range of events we have on offer. Organising these events is very much a full-time business.
Social Circle is membership-only, with the sole exceptions being weekends away and holidays, where we recognise that some people may not have the time to indulge in the wide range of other activities we have available.
Membership alleviates much of the administrative activities associated with a pay as you go system and thus allows us to offer lots of free events a month to our members- this really is unbeatable value.
To join please click here.
What do I get if I become a member?
You are free to book on any of our events. Bear in mind, the vast majority of our events are free. Many of the events, such as cinema, ten pin bowling, walks, and fitness classes, are completely 100% free, thanks to our relationship with the venues. So just imagine what kind of savings you can make. Events such as pub crawls and meals are free to attend but the cost of drinks and meals are payable by you.
How do I join?
Once you have decided to enhance your social life with Social Circle, all that is required is just two minutes of your time completing this short form.
What do you mean by inclusive events?
At Social Circle, we love to take care of our members.
Even so, many people are sceptical when we tell them just how inclusive our events are. Many of our events, which are free for members, include the cost of the activity itself.
For example, if you book a free place at a cinema event, the cost of your cinema ticket is included. The same applies for walks and tours from local tour operators, and fitness classes at local health clubs. The list goes on.


What happens after I join?
You will be immediately sent your login details, which will allow you to access the members area of the website. You will then be able to book on to as many events as you wish. When the date of your first event arrives, you will receive both an email and an SMS with explicit instructions on where to meet. The host will take it from there :)
How do I book on to an event?
Log into the site (at the top of each page), go to the calendar, click on an event that you like and then book.
We're really happy to help if you need - if so, please get in touch.
What is the best event to start with?
We have a number of relaxed social events which are also a great way to start, such as Friday night drinks, a midweek meal, or comedy nights.
You will come to find out what kind of people attend and you will be able to pose questions to the host about any other events you may be interested in, as well as about Social Circle in general.
What happens once I've booked on to an event?
You don't need to do anything. On the day of the event, you shall receive a text from the host confirming the time and place and you simply need to turn up.
How will I find you at the venue?
The host will text you on the day of the event to arrange a meeting place.
You will then, of course, be provided with their phone no. If there are any problems, you can simply get in touch.
What can I expect to happen at an event?
You will know exactly where we are at any event as we will notify you beforehand, both by SMS and email, to provide you with the exact details. When you arrive, the host will greet you and introduce you to the other members at the event. The host will also know that it is your first time and make you feel right at home, answering any queries you may have.
Wait, you even pay for the cost of my cinema ticket?
Yes, we really do! That is just one of the ways that make Social Circle so valuable. Your membership fees are paid for by attending just a cinema event and two fitness classes or two walks and a bowling night. What's more, each one of these events enable you to experience what makes Social Circle so special: the ability to meet people just like you, with similar interests and hobbies, and a zest for life.
Where are your events based?
Many of our events are based in the City Centre, but we also hold a large number of social events in South Manchester.
We focus on these areas specifically due to ease of transportation links. However, if you're based in North Manchester, or any area surrounding Manchester for that matter, we would love to see you. Of course, we also offer walking days and weekends outside of Manchester, as well as a selection of European city breaks.

Oh, I forgot to ask...

I have registered as a member but can't log in?
No problem. Drop us an email at and we will instruct you on what to do.
I have forgotten my password?
There is a forgotten password link on all areas of the site where you are prompted to login.
Simply fill in the requested information and your password will be sent to the email address that you registered with.
I am interested in becoming a host myself, how do I apply?
Click here for more information on becoming a Social Circle host.
How can I contact you?
You may email us at or send us a message via the contact page.
Should you wish to speak with us personally, simply call 0161 434 0098 or 07767 686 177.
I forgot to ask a fellow guest for their contact details; will you provide them to me?
Due to the Data Protection Act, we are not allowed to divulge any information given to us by either our guests or members.

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