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Are you looking to socialise in Manchester and don’t know where to begin with all the MeetUp groups out there? Perhaps you are new to Manchester and still finding your way around. Either way, trying to balance work, life and socialising can be exhausting - and that is before you have even left the house.
Thankfully, with over 20 years of experience organising social events for people in Manchester, we have a quiz to help you find the best Social Meetup in Manchester to suit your personality, as well as advice on calming nerves and holding conversation.

Why do we feel the need to socialise?

Despite having a job or being around people, you still feel lonely at times.

Deep down we all crave connection - we are, after all, social creatures.

You would not be alone in feeling lonely. Our sense of isolation is increasing amongst adults as our friendship groups dissolve with every life change. We move towns, change our jobs and relationships and spend what little downtime we have on social media. It is no wonder we feel that life is all about work, or we focus on finding ‘the one’ when actually what we need is a small quality network of friends. It’s why Singles meetups in Manchester are so popular! There are many amazing health benefits from forming a strong social network of friends, and it certainly does appear to be the key to happiness.

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But just how do you go about meeting new people?

Whilst some people seem confident enough to start conversations with a random on the train, or at the gym, many of us need some common ground - such as looking for a Social Meetup in Manchester.

Given this generation seems to crave connection, there are a wealth of apps such as MeetUp, facebook groups and successful social events companies all offering to organise events for you to meet and mingle with like-minded people.

But there are thousands of groups all promising to Meet-up in Manchester.

Photography for the over 50’s. What if you are 39?

Social for 20s-30’s What if you are a young at heart 40 something.

Before long you have spent a good few hours scrolling through various groups and interests and signed up for precisely zero events. It can be overwhelming as well as disheartening.

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Thankfully we have put together a little quiz which will help you focus on what you enjoy and make recommendations as what type of social meetup in Manchester would suit you.

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What is your motivation?

A. I am single and ready to mingle!
Well that is great to hear. There are lots of events aimed at dating in Manchester. Our thoughts are that dating should not be the only reason you socialise. It can be easy to focus on a singles meetup in Manchester. But try looking for those who share your interests and build a good quality social circle if you want to find love. Given we have introduced many happily married couples to each other, you may want to check out this page.
B.Life changes mean that I have grown apart from my old circle of friends, I am looking for people who reflect the new me.
As we go through life various challenges and milestones changes us as people. It is important that the people around us share our core values. We would advise looking for groups who are of a similar age to you as people are more likely to have faced the same challenges that ultimately shape you. Put yourself in the driving seat and go to events which you enjoy.
C. I am a newbie in Manchester!
If you are new to town and want to combine learning about Manchester with meeting new people then look at themed events that are designed to introduce you to the highlights of this wonderful City. There are some great walking tours in the City Centre. Maybe you want to experience more of Manchester’s great night life by trying out new bars and restaurants? Going out with like-minded people will help you build connection and explore the City.

So now you know your motivation, narrow down the types of events that may suit you.

A. I am often the last to leave at a party and get a real buzz of talking to lots of different people.
If you are naturally extroverted and love meeting new people, then your best bet is to take yourself out to an event that is likely to have a large number of new people to meet so you can flutter around like the social butterfly you are. Perhaps look at drinks nights in the city or mingles to give you the buzz of meeting as many new people as possible.
B.I am not one for parties or large groups, but I love connecting to a small group of people who share my interests.
If you are looking to connect with people on a deeper level, then start by looking for groups that share your core passion. The one interest that you could not live without. Meeting like-minded people at these interest focussed events such as art nights or walks gives you a better chance of finding friends who are as invested in your interests as you are.
C. Truth is I hate socialising, it drains me. I am naturally introverted but I am feeling lonely.
Oh we hear you. If you are naturally introverted then you need your down time away from people which is absolutely fine. However, if you are lonely then it is important to foster good quality friendships. We would suggest avoiding the large groups and focus instead on events such as movie nights or history walks where you can safely retreat into your own head for a little bit if peopling gets too much. If you are particularly anxious about socialising then we have some great advice for you.

Each event is organised by a Social Circle Host, who will get in touch with you before the event, and then make you feel welcome when you arrive.
All of our members have at one stage attended their forst even, and we will all make every effort to make you feel welcome.

Who are Social Circle?

Well we are a group of people who wanted to meet new people and make friends, for all the same reasons as you do now.
Social Circle was started when founder, Stephen Sutherland, had just moved to Manchester as a single guy and wanted some friends to hang out with at the pub on a Friday night. Over a decade on and oodles of members later, you can Meetup in Manchester choosing from cinema nights and restaurant meals to holidays abroad.


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