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This website uses 'cookies' in order to improve visitors' experience on the site, and to help us understand more about visitors to our site.
A 'cookie' is a small piece of data stored on your computer by your web browser (the application you use to view web pages) - the use of cookies is widespread across the internet.
We use cookies for tasks like logging in to the site, displaying discounts, showing appropriate messages to our users, and measuring how effective out advertising is.
You can disable cookies in your web browser, although if you do so, parts of our site will not work properly.
'Cookies' are also written by 'Google Analytics', a software that allows us to view statistics on visitors to our site, such as which sites they came from and which devices used were to access the site (tablet, phone, e.t.c.)
This allows us to view trends and totals, but does not allow individual site visitors to be identified.
You can read more about cookies, and how to disable them here:
If you have any questions about our Cookie policy, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: 

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