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Socialising in Manchester and Cheshire

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Socialising is why you're here in the first place, right?

It goes without saying that these are our most popular events. Socialising in Manchester is why you're here and a wide range of events fall into this category. Whether it's Manchester wine tasting nights, drinks nights, pub crawls, meals out, comedy, or quiz nights, a vast majority of our events are designed to have you meet new people and explore some of the many wonderful things to do in Manchester. We have a host at each and every event ready to meet you and have you mingling in no time at all. So if you enjoy Manchester socialising, and we hope you do, these will likely be among your favourite events.


Pure social and pure fun

Whether an after-work drink or two, or visiting one of Manchester's hotspots, our drinks events are great for introductions. Meals out are also great where get to know each other over dinner. Many of our meals come with entertainment, such as belly dancing at Efes or plate smashing at Bazouki By Night. Manchester's bar and foodie scene is constantly evolving and we ensure to include the latest and greatest venues on our calendar. Whether you're looking for group nights or a singles night in Manchester, our socialising events are a great way to meet new people.


Do you enjoy more active socialising?

If you like to be more physical in your socialising, we have light activities for you that allow you to really get to know people such as ten pin bowling and ping pong. We pay regular visits to Megabowl in Didsbury, as well as city centre venues like Dog Bowl with its neon bowling. We also offer salsa nights where you can show off your rhythm to your new dance friends.


So how does it work?

We know it’s a little unusual to turn up at an event knowing no one, so we don’t expect you to. Instead, we introduce you to the founders and then to the event host, who will to make sure you’re feeling excited and not too nervous.

Whether it’s that you're looking for more things to do in Manchester or its a lifelong ambition you're dying to fulfil, our Manchester activities have got you covered! Try us for Free.

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social circle testimonial from Peter

New Venues Fantastic People

I've been living in Manchester for eight years but had no idea there was so much right here on my doorstep. I live in Chorlton and most of my friends only visit the local bars. Since I joined Social Circle, I've been to so many new venues and met so many fantastic people. I'm impressed, to say the least.

social circle testimonial from John

Thanks Social Circle

I had become something of a hermit after my divorce so a friend suggested I take a look at Social Circle. I was hesitant at first but eventually I decided to give it a try. I soon got back into the swing of socialising and I can't speak highly enough about the other members. They really made it easy for me to come out of my shell. Thanks Social Circle!

social circle testimonial from Sarah

Manchester wine tasting

I love socialising with new people and Social Circle gave me gave me loads of opportunity to do just that. Since joining, I've attended numerous events and have met so many great people that my social life has never been better. Just last week, I went to a pub crawl and a meal and next week am going to two more events in Manchester, wine tasting included. Life is good!


Types Of Event


Our drinks nights are pure socialising. No matter what drink you enjoy, or even if you don't drink at all, members mingle like there's no tomorrow on our drinks nights. We visit a mix of old favourites and brand new venues.


A meal is the perfect way to get to know people. Sitting across from new friends, while choosing from a menu and enjoying a meal without music blaring away in the background, can be refreshing. The ideal occasion for those who enjoy conversation and meeting new people.


Everyone loves a good laugh and comedy a fantastic way of breaking the ice on a social night out. From getting to to know one another before the show to discussing the best and worst bits afterwards, comedy is the perfect cure for those who feel a bit apprehensive about attending a social night.