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Weekends Away from Manchester and Cheshire

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Manchester Is The Best Place To Revitalise Your Social Life

Find out the 7 reasons why Manchester is the best place to revitalise your social life
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Would a weekend away from it all sound about right? 


For anyone who wants the full Social Circle experience, our Manchester weekends away never fail to deliver. Whether it's a walking trip for ramblers, an adventure-filled weekend for adrenalin seekers, or a European city break for holiday lovers, bonds are built, with members time and again becoming friends for life on our weekends away.


A social walking weekend

Being in a city situated like ours offers advantages outside of all the wonderful things to do in Manchester. We are just a stone's throw away from the Lakes and the Peak District, and not far away from the likes of Anglesey, as well some wonderful European destinations. Those of you who have tried our walking days may just be ready to take the next step and join us on a walking weekend.


European city breaks

We may all love living in the UK but let's face it, It's always nice to visit somewhere new, even if it's just to escape from the cold weather we've been accustomed to. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to visit some of Europe's most popular destinations, such as the cultural wonders of Barcelona and Prague to the high-life in Paris and Milan. Our holidays provide opportunities to visit these amazing cities as part of our Manchester social group.


So how does it work?

We know it’s a little unusual to turn up at an event knowing no one, so we don’t expect you to. Instead, we introduce you to the founders and then to the event host, who will make sure you’re feeling excited and not too nervous.

Whether it’s that you're looking for more things to do in Manchester or it's a lifelong ambition you're dying to fulfil, our Manchester activities have got you covered! 

Social Circle: Weekends Away
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social circle testimonial from Michael

New Walking Friends On Walking Weekends

Walking has been a lifelong passion of mine but it's one that not many of my friends share. And even the ones who do only have time to go to the Lakes for a few hours. So I couldn’t wait to go on a walking weekend with Social Circle. I've met so many new walking friends on these weekends and have taken my passion to a new level.

social circle testimonial from Ced

Perfect Social Circle Holidays

I used to take regular trips to Spain but the mates I used to go with are now married with kids and so I hadn't been able to go for ages. Fortunately, Social Circle's holidays are perfect for those just like me who love nothing more than fun and socialising. The weekend was organised down to the last detail. I couldn’t have been more impressed.

social circle testimonial from Michelle

Unsure What To Expect

I had never been on holiday with people I didn't know before, so I was a bit unsure as what to expect. But from the opening night in Milan when we all went to dinner, I immediately felt at ease. It soon dawned on me that everyone was in the same boat and just wanted to enjoy themselves while meeting new people at the same time. Mission accomplished! Thanks for a great trip, Social Circle!


Types Of Event

Walking Weekends

Walking Weekends
With a mix of low-level and high-level walks, inclusive accommodation and your walking and social guide, these weekends offer a complete walking experience. Our members get a real sense of achievement, with certificate to boot, and heaps of FUN!

Adventure Weekends

Adventure Weekends
With the same benefits as our walking weekends, our adventure excursions are for those seeking more adrenalin than comfort. Among our more adventurous weekends is the Three Peaks Challenge. We also feature weekends, with such activities as abseiling and coasteering.

European City Breaks

European City Breaks
This is one area in which we have really expanded, in response to our members demanding more trips to such destinations as Italy and Spain. From cultural hotspots to sun, sea, and sand, these weekends are nothing but fun! With accommodation and your Social Circle guide included, you simply need to book your flight.

Upcoming Events

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Trip

23/08/2024 4pm at accommodation
Accommodation is in the heart of the City Center, close to all the best venues and within easy walking distance of Princess Street. You will enjoy your own room with en-suite facilities. Salisbury Court 102 St Leonards Street Edinburgh EH8 9RD
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet. Join us on the Bank Holiday weekend of 23rd to 26th August 2024. Edinburgh Fringe Festival Trip

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