If you love nothing more than getting away for a few days but find it difficult to organise or your friends don't share your idea of a holiday, we offer the perfect solution. We offer numerous Manchester group holidays in each year's calendar, to such destinations as Milan and Barcelona. We arrange your accommodation, plan lots of exciting activities, which you can choose to join in or not, and provide a Social Circle guide throughout. You simply need to book your flight and you're on your way to Destination Fun!
social circle testimonial from Sarah

From Chill Factore To Skiing Holiday

I had always fancied going on a skiing holiday after having spent hours and hours at Chill Factore. So it was great to have a chance at trying the real thing. The accommodation was fantastic and not only did I have a great time on the slopes, but enjoyed myself every bit as much at night when we all got together for some serious socialising: drinks, karaoke, you name it.

social circle testimonial from Louise

I love Manchester

I love Manchester but just sometimes it feels great to get away and enjoy the sun for a change. And when I saw a trip to Madrid on the calendar, I couldn't resist. Throw in some sand, sea, and sangria, and there was just no way I was going to say no. All the trips were well organised and everyone got on great with each other. Fantastic trip!

social circle testimonial from Alex

Peak District Walking

I love walking and as much as I enjoy a ramble in the Peak District, it's great to be able to go on a weekend with some new people and get to know each other while walking in stunning surroundings. The weekend was well organised and we had everything we needed to make the most out of it.


Types Of Event


Walking weekends

We visit the likes of Anglesey as well as walking trips to Europe to such destinations as Krakow. It's a great way to unwind and meet new people while taking in stunning scenery. If you've been one of our walking days, you'll love this.

European city breaks

We cover a range of exciting destinations in Europe, from the sunny Madrid and Barcelona, to the culture and shopping haven of Milan and the festive atmosphere of Nuremberg. These weekends never fail to be fun and form long-lasting friendships.

Skiing trip

For a trip every bit as social as it is adventurous, our annual skiing trip is always popular. Not only do you get to be James Bond for the week but you will have an amazing time with a group of friends with some amazing socialising to be had.

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Upcoming Events

Historic Berlin Weekend

24/02/2018 , 5am at airport
Meeting for breakfast in the airport where Emma will introduce everyone over breakfast.
Enjoy the Historical sights and delve into this city's past and present.

Discover Dublin Weekend

23/03/2018 , 6 am at Airport
Meeting in the departure area of Manchester Airport for breakfast Steve will introduce you to your fellow travellers.
Steve and Social Circle return to the ever popular city of Dublin with Luxurious accommodation and so many attractions to explore.

Seville The Heart of Andalucia

11/05/2018 , 4pm at Airport
Meeting for breakfast at Manchester Airport, where Cathy will introduce you to your fellow travellers over breakfast.
Seville brings Joy,light,energy and Passion, a city of emotions and alive with historical heritage.