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Social Circle Franchise Opportunity

Due to a high level of success and demand in the Greater Manchester area, where we set up in 2007, we are in a position to offer franchise opportunities in other key cities across the UK. The strength and consistency of our key messages and brand awareness has ensured that we are recognised and highly regarded in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Who are we and why are we?

Social Circle has been trading successfully for 7 years; we are the only social and activity group of our kind in the UK with a monthly calendar of events offering free or subsidised: lifestyle activities, sports, social activities, cinema, gym classes, training workshops, discovery walks, weekends away and foreign holidays.

Our business provides its' social and activity calendar to those who live in the Greater Manchester area; often these are individuals who are: seconded in Manchester for business purposes, recently separated or divorced or people whose friends have married and don't enjoy the active social life that they once did. What Social Circle is not is a dating service, although we have many members who have met each other through our events and some who have even gone on to later marry.

Pilot Franchise: Leeds

After reviewing cities within close locality to Manchester we have pinpointed Leeds as the next city we believe Social Circle will thrive and flourish well in.

We have considered transport links, population, a high percentage of profile members, primary head office locations, ease of ability to support our franchisee at the initial stages and a strong presence of leisure/lifestyle businesses that have a synergy or direct connection to the brands we currently work with in Greater Manchester.

Is Social Circle Leeds for you?

Before we develop our UK network of franchises, we are running a pilot scheme in Leeds to case study as a working example for our future franchises. At this stage we are not looking to 'sell' a complete franchise; we are looking for the right person to help us develop Social Circle Leeds into a successful business. The right person would be highly motivated, have a desire to succeed and be seeking a vocation.

What support will you get from us?

The successful person will run the franchise with our support at the start-up stage which will include: business/marketing/training and assistance with branding/marketing/e-shots/marketing literature/local advertising. Our franchisee will be given the Social Circle Leeds website with the provision of: online membership sign ups, a separate booking calendar and membership data.

Social Circle's unique selling points

What we do is completely unique in the UK: we provide a hassle free, pre-organised social life for members. Our fully interactive calendar offers a huge selection of activities and therefore a much wider appeal to a larger range of individuals.

A member can choose the type of event and the amount of events they wish to attend at their leisure. Complete flexibility means there is no need for a member to book an activity weeks ahead (unless it is a holiday or weekend break); they can make their decision in the same week.

Our monthly calendar of activities is not only extremely popular, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, but it is also outstandingly cost-effective!

  • Monthly Activity Calendar: 
  • Lots of activities a month completely free
  • Wide variety of approximately 50 subsidised / cost saving events a month
  • A good range of weekend breaks / festivals / UK and foreign holidays
  • Member Savings: On average, when a member regularly takes advantage of our activity calendar they save anywhere from £200 - £350 a month.

The Evolution of Social Circle

Since launching the business 7 years ago we have identified market trends, typical member profiles and high demand activities. We have further developed an interactive website with a monthly calendar of activities along with the provision of online membership sign ups and a booking facility for all activities and holidays; we also provide a live forum.

Social Circle for Business

We primarily offer memberships to individuals; however, the Commercial business market has also proven it's own demand for our calendar of activities and events. The following businesses have offered Social Circle Memberships to their employees: Manchester Chamber of Commerce / CIS Group / AstraZeneca / Christies Hospital

Flexible Members Joining Packages

  • We offer a 4 tier approach with our members' packages offering individuals the chance to choose the duration of their memberships: 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 months.
  • We also offer a no obligation free trial activity to non members who are interested in joining.
  • Exceptionally affordable memberships: 
  • Member Retention: We experience over 50% member retention with most members opting to continue as Social Circle Members at the end of their initial membership term.

Who are we looking for?

Firstly, it is important that you live in Leeds (or very close by) and you should have a good geographical knowledge of the city (it also helps to have a love for the city!)

You should be a sociable, active person who enjoys and easily communicates with a wide range of people. You need to have excellent commercial knowledge, drive, ambition and a desire for a vocation.

We envisage that you will be someone who enjoys any kind of networking and preferably has a proven track record in sales with contacts.

We would expect you are a highly motivated individual who will be passionate about the Social Circle brand and passionate about achieving success for a business that you will reap good monetary benefits from. We want someone who is looking to make Social Circle Leeds their vocation

You will also need to be registered as self-employed and keep your own accounts as well as be willing to invest at least as much time as you would a full-time job. Of course, you will have all of the advantages that come with running your own business such as working from home and choosing your own hours. Like any business, the harder you work, the more you earn. The benefit of working with a membership scheme is that you will receive monthly payments from existing members; so as long as your they are happy, your income will increase month on month.

Unlike conventional franchise opportunities, we are not asking you to make a significant investment. Instead, we are offering you a subdomain of our website for a monthly fee. We are offering this opportunity in this way as we are using Leeds as a case study for future potential franchises, which also means that you will reap the benefits of a great deal of support. We want this to work and we will help you in any way we can to ensure that happens.

Interested? Let's chat

We are open to discussing the finer details of our Leeds pilot scheme. Our main aim is to find the right person who will enjoy working with us and building a successful start up franchise with our help and support.

If you are interested in knowing more, you can email us at, call:07845 529 538, or fill in the the following form: