Tennis isnt just a game using a racquet and ball, to bounce over a net on a rectangular court| Social Circle

Tennis isnt just a game using a racquet and ball, to bounce over a net on a rectangular court

5th July 2021 6pm to 7pm
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If you are like us and feel inspired to do a bit more exercise then dust off your tennis equipment and join us for our new weekly tennis.
5th July 2021 6pm to 7pm
Fog Lane Park, 139 Fog Lane, Manchester M20 6SF 
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Tennis isn’t just a game played with two players using a strung racket to hit a ball of specified size, and weight, to bounce over a net on a rectangular court.

Whether you have never picked up a tennis racquet in your life or yours has collected some dust, it’s not too late to get in to the game and experience the power of playing tennis, participating in tennis can improve your overall health, wellness and happiness.

Playing tennis will help you socialize and spend more time with others, as tennis provides a convenient way to meet others, by playing tennis people you get to meet new people and make friends.

The perfect Social Circle Activity played in doubles or singles, either way you play with another person, being able to socialise is a hugh benefit to the game, you are also around other’s who share similar interests which is physiologically rewarding it’s a great way to make friends and improve your health, double bubble.

Unlike a lot of sports Tennis can be played at any age, it’s a game that can be easily played with friends of all ages and all fitness levels.

Social Circle Loves Tennis, so game set and match see you on the court.
What to bring Gym shoes, racquet, balls and water

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