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Arnero has been years in the making, the result of two childhood best friends who have known each

Imagine enjoying mouthwatering fayre at some of the hottest locations in Manchester, where the conversation flows as easily as the cocktails.
6th September 2019 8.15pm
Meet at Arnero Restaurant, NCP Car Park Building, 25 Sackville Street, Manchester M1 3LZ 
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Are you a foodie who would love to meet new people?

Social Circle brings together people just like you looking to meet others in Manchester to share fun activities and experiences. Your friendly host will personally welcome you to ease any nerves and text you on the day. Don't worry if you're coming on your own - so is everyone else!

Calling all foodies: If you love socialising and you love checking out Manchester's latest and greatest venues, you're going to love this event

Imagine enjoying mouthwatering fayre at some of the hottest locations in Manchester, where the conversation flows as easily as the cocktails.  Our dinners are perfect for food-lovers who want to meet new people in an intimate and relaxed setting.  We choose the finest restaurants in Manchester, renowned for excellent service and exquisite menus. 

We keep the groups small and frinedly, making this the perfect event for those are shy, nervous or new to Social Circle.  Your host will welcome you and introduce you to the other guests, as well as being on hand to ensure you have a great time.

The Venue - Arnero Truly Indian Cuisine

Situated in heart of Manchester’s City Centre, Arnero Indian Restaurant provides guests with an incredible dining experience whilst enjoying the taste of truly Indian cuisine. We offer traditional Indian recipes, as well as some new and innovative dishes.

India is a vast country, with each region having its own particular ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques used to create unique dishes. Our chefs carefully capture the robust regional flavours, offering a tempting array of Mughlai, Dum Pukth Biryanies, North Indian curries, a large range of succulent tandoori-cooked kebabs, Indian breads, curries, cooked with fresh ingredients and a selection of aromatic spices & handpicked herbs.

Indian cuisine is renowned the world over for its rich heritage and at Arnero, we pride ourselves in cooking authentic dishes. Our menu will take you on a gastronomic journey through Indian street food culture and tradition.

See there delicious menu HERE.

What our members say

"Thank you for making me feel so welcome at my first event! A wonderful meal at an upmarket venue. I can’t wait for the next one!" Sarah

"Great Venue. Great Host. Great Company. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening." Matt

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