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Madrid, Spain's Golden Metropolis

We've been to Barcelona and now it's time to pay a visit to Madrid, one of the most popular destinations in Europe.
28th September 2017 5am at airport 
Meeting at Manchester Airport where we will gather for a drink before heading to our exciting destination of Madrid. 
£100 [£100 Deposit of £225, with balance of £125 due by bank transfer 1st August] 
£100 [£100 Deposit of £255, with balance of £155 due by bank transfer 1st August] 
Visit the golden metropolis that is Madrid with Social Circle. 
This event has already taken place.
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We've been to Barcelona and now it's time to pay a visit to Madrid, one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Join us for three night stay from  the 28th of September to October the 1st, when you will have the chance to visit the golden metropolis that is Madrid.

With once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be had, you may just find yourself making some lifelong friends along the way. As well as experiencing all of the great attractions, there will be plenty of opportunities to get social, keeping with the ethos of what we're all about. New friends...New city...we think you'll love it!

Visiting a city as big as Madrid and managing to see and do all it has to offer is no easy task. From sprawling museums to traditional restaurants and bars, every corner you turn uncovers a spot that draws in tourists and locals alike.

is a place where the passions of Europe’s most passionate country are the fabric of daily life, a city with music in its soul and an unshakeable spring in its step. But Madrid is also one of the most open cities on earth and it doesn’t matter where you’re from for the oft-heard phrase to ring true: ‘If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid’.

Whether exploring the Madrid’s world-class art museums, gazing at architectural marvels while sipping a café con leche at a sidewalk café or rollicking the night away at tapas bars along on the Gran Vía, the many attractions in Madrid are simply too captivating to miss.

Fortunately, Madrid’s most popular destinations are centrally located.


Located just 350 yards from Madrid’s Atocha Train Station and 550 yards from El Retiro Park, a perfect hub for three days socialising and sightseeing in one of Europe's finest cities. Hotel Ayre Gran Hotel Colon @ http://www.ayrehoteles.com/en/hotel-colon/

So what will be getting up to?

Ater meeting at the airport on the Thursday, we will enjoy a short flight to Madrid before checking in to our 4* accommodation. We can then enjoy a meal and a drink, and get to know the local area.

Here are a few areas and attractions that we are looking to explore.

Puerta del Sol

The heart of the city is Puerta del Sol, a large plaza serving as the scene of festivals, important gatherings and street performers. It is also a hub for the public transportation network so a perfect hub for us to continue our sightseeing.
Museum of Romanticism
The city abounds with old noble mansions turned into museums that take visitors on a trip to a more intimate past. Some of these historic house museums were the homes of such renowned artists as Joaquín Sorolla. They’re the repository of the arts and beauty from the Madrid of the Romantic period. The palace of the Marquis of Matallana, takes us on a trip to Romantic Madrid via its collection of works of art.

Mercado de San Miguel
Situated within walking distance of the Plaza Mayor, the Mercado de San Miguel is a popular shopping destination for local foods and delicacies. Its intricate cast-iron architecture features glass walls that showcase goods ranging from salted fish and oysters to fresh pasta and cakes. Because the market stays open as late as 2 a.m. on weekends, it’s become a popular nightspot where visitors and locals gather to enjoy drinks and tapas, or appetizers. The site also plays host to events like concerts, cooking classes and private parties.

Where modern bars with vintage decor co-exist with gritty taverns that have stood their ground for generations. Malasaña is one of the most popular areas to go in search of some nighttime fun. Its streets are lined with a variety of spots with all kinds of music drawing in diverse crowds.

El Retiro Park

A trip to Madrid is not complete without a walk through El Retiro Park, the green lungs of the city.

Outdoor Bar and Cafe
As the temperature rises, tables and chairs begin to spread out across pavements and the rooftops of hotels and emblematic buildings. After touring the city, relax in an outdoor café, or terraza, and enjoy a drink or a meal, listening to your favorite music. This is the essence of Madrid in summer, and its many outdoor bars offer something to satisfy all tastes. Here are a few options.

What's left to do?  Simply book your flight and come and join us....

The recommended flight is via RyanAir, Flight FR 3187 and leaves Manchester on the 28th of September at 06:30 and arrives at Madrid airport at 10:05 on the same day. The return flight is FR-3186 and departs Madrid on the 1st of October at 10:40, arriving in Manchester the same day at 12:20.


When you go on holiday you want a stress free  no hassle way of travelling. But are you bored of travelling solo? Are you tired of arguing with friends over where to have dinner when you would rather be exploring? With Social Circle you will have your very own guide who will make your trip one to remember. Add to this the great company, friendships that are formed, lively conversations, nights out and general relaxed atmosphere , this is your Social Circle Guarantee. Just an incredible trip organised for you with like-minded people. 



Walking weekend or an overnight stay in another city, Social Circle weekends away are just the ticket!
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Richard Bailey
[23/01/2017 08:37]
Im very interested in this trip. Add me to waiting list if that is still the case. Rich
Louise Jepson
[22/01/2017 15:59]
Hi . Myself and Gemma [ both SC members ] are both really keen to do this . Is it sold out ? Is this something that could be booked nearer the time ?
Stephen Sutherland : Add yourself to the waitlist and we will be in touch with you first when it goes live.
22/01/2017 17:06:00