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Better Than Team Building

Jeremy Vine

Listen to BBC 2 Jeremy Vine on how how traditional team building could be more detrimental than successful in the workplace. Free Corporate Membership Trial

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SOCIAL CIRCLE is the bridge between business and wellbeing. We offer professional people an extensive range of fun, new and challenging events. Whether it's a new skills workshop, a business networking event, a language course, wine tasting event or an adventure holiday SOCIAL CIRCLE has it all.

From relaxing, learning, networking to exhilarating, SOCIAL CIRCLE offers you the opportunity to add a total rewards strategy to your employees' benefit packages. An enhanced benefits package is a proven factor for increasing employee engagement aiding with the recruitment of quality staff and staff retention. In a recent DTI survey, OVER 49% of companies saw a positive increase in productivity when they promoted and implemented a good WORK - LIFE - BALANCE.

Empower your employees to broaden their horizons and see the results for yourself!

Employer Benefits:

  • High perceived value to the employee, small cost to employer!
  • New skills and confidence for employees enhancies better working relationships.
  • Improving morale reduces absenteeism and promotes staff retention.
  • No time investment required.

Employee Benefits:

  • The opportunity to business network with fellow professionals.
  • A ready made varied social calendar with new and exciting activities.
  • Total flexibility - They can choose to go on as many or as few events as they want.
  • An exciting alternative to a bonus whilst enriching their lifestyle.