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Boxercise Class

Get the weekend off to a good start with a Boxercise class!!
15th September 2018 12:30pm 
St Johns Amateur Boxing Club, Chequers Road, Chorlton, M21 9DX.  venue link
FREE [Save £5] 
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This event has already taken place.
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Come and join in, it’s absolutely FREE! Here at Social Circle we value heath and fitness. Our great variety of classes and sports activities provides something for all. Come along and explore what the value of healthy living means to you, and meet some new Manchester friends along the way. F
or men and women, all levels welcome.

Going to the gym time and time again gets repetitive, and one thing exercise shouldn’t be is dull. Dedicating your free time to fitness is tough enough without the super-boring workouts. Enter, boxercise.

For those long days at the office when everything has tried your patience and you’re ready to scream, get your hands on some boxing gloves and hit out that aggression.

Stop subjecting yourself to boring gym routines and fall in love with boxercise.

I used pay an absolute fortune in gym fees, but after joining Social Circle I do the fitness classes a week for free and have cancelled my gym membership.
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David C
[08/09/2018 17:45]
Hello There's no class listed on the events calendar for the 22nd. I spoke to Jean, who runs the class, and she said the class is going ahead that day as usual. Thanks David
Stephen Sutherland : Hi David, we mix and match events so people can choose what to. Steve do
11/09/2018 00:00:00
David C : Hello again. Jean has said that she is away next week so the boxercise class won't be going ahead on the 22nd.
15/09/2018 14:13:00