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Funzing Talks. The Story of Accent and Identity.

Just over a year ago, Lisa was faced with a decision that would change her life forever.
16th March 2018 7pm 
MadLab, 36-40 Edge Street, M4 1HN Manchester.  venue link
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Funzing Talks is a new concept which aims to re-invent your after work drinks. We've pulled together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings.

Held in a hand picked range of bars across Manchester, a Funzing Talks event makes the perfect after work activity.

Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives over a beer with like-minded Mancunians. Funzing has always encouraged you to do something different with your free time, so we say do just that - you never know where it may lead you!

Want to feed your brain and your stomach? Join us for a dining experience like no other at one of our unique Dim Sum Talks, where you can delve into a fascinating subject whilst sampling a selection of Yang Sing's finest dim sum.
*A selection of 8 x delicious Dim Sum
**Veg options available

Language and identity are inextricably linked. The way we use language in all the different aspects of our lives plays a crucial role in who we are and how we are perceived by others. In speech, we all have an accent – a particular way of speaking that can signal to others information about where we are from, where we live now, our age, our level of education, our social class, our gender, even perhaps our sexuality. This information isn’t always reliable, and it isn’t always accurately interpreted, but it is definitely always perceived at some level.

In this talk, Dr Rob Drummond explores that link between language and identity. He looks at the rich diversity of regional accents in the UK, considering how they came about, and how they are changing. He unpacks and challenges some of the stereotypes around particular ways of speaking, and asks whether there is such a thing as linguistic prejudice.

Rob then examines the idea of what it means to ‘speak properly’, with a focus on the language of young people who are, according to some strands of mainstream media ‘talking their way into unemployment’. He investigates the belief that English is deteriorating in the hands of the younger generation, and considers where it will all end.

I love the guided walking tours - I've learnt so much about Manchester!
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