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FREE 10 Day Gym Pass Worth £150

A 10-Day Pass is worth £15, so you're getting a massive £150 in value.
9th January 2018 Any
Any Nuffield Health health club. The club has branches in both the Printworks, city centre, and Parrs Wood, East Didsbury. 
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Social Circle has teamed up with Nuffield Health Club to bring you an exlcuisve offer worth £150!

Your Free 10-Day Gym Pass at Nuffield Health Club!

A 10-Day Pass is worth £15, so you're getting a massive £150 in value.

Experience a gym that works for you. Nuffield Health gym membership gives you access to their on-site experts including Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists, plus regular Health MOTs, and the use of multiple clubs as well as your home gym.

Their gyms have a huge range of facilities and services available, including an extensive selection of group exercise classes, swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis – so whatever you’re looking for they’ve got you covered.

Simply book your place on this event and we'll get your passes sent out in the post to you.

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