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Dunham Massey, Bridgewater Canal and Little Bollington Circular Walk and Lunch

We start our 4 mile circular flat walk at the Swan with Two Nicks pub in Little Bollington.
15th October 2017 11am
Meet in the car park at Tesco, Parrrswood, East Didsbury, M20 5NP at 10am where we will be car sharing. Alternatively, meet at the Swan with Two Nicks, Park Lane, Little Bolllington, Altrincham WA14 4 T  venue link
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Come and join in, it’s absolutely FREE! Here at Social Circle we are lucky, not only to live in one of the greatest cities in the world, but to be surrounding by exceptional walking routes. Come along and explore walking in Manchester and surrounding areas, and meet some new people along the way.

Distance: 4 miles.

We start our 4 mile circular flat walk at the Swan with Two Nicks pub in Little Bollington where free parking is available. We will set off along the Bridgewater Canal into the village of Little Bollington & Dunham heading into the National Trust park of Dunham Massey, an ancient deer park with gardens suitable for all seasons.

Once we've walked around the substantial park and gardens we will head back to the Swan with Two Nicks for a well deserved Sunday lunch.

Walking is good for the soul as well as our physical fitness. We can let our minds relax and reconnect with nature. Many studies have reported the benefits of walking - why not put it to the test for yourself and join us on a walk sometime.

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