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Manchester and the Atom Bomb Walk with New Manchester Walks

One hundred years ago, in September 1917, a team at Manchester University led by Ernest Rutherford accidentally split the atom, ushering in the atomic age.
9th September 2017 10:45am 
St. Ann's Church, St Ann St, Manchester M2 7LF.  venue link
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Come and join in, it’s absolutely FREE! Here at Social Circle we make it our business to offer you the best of what Manchester has to offer. Our selection of walks enable you to to come along and explore this great city, and meet new people in Manchester along the way.

One hundred years ago, in September 1917, a team at Manchester University led by Ernest Rutherford “accidentally” split the atom, ushering in the atomic age. That set off a chain reaction which led to the “A” Bomb, Cold War terror, the nuclear bomb, the Soviet…reds under the beds, the Fourth Man, the Fifth Man.

What a coincidence that it was in Manchester. The very existence of the atom was first proved here in 1803, and it took just over a hundred years for Rutherford & co. to realise that the atom wasn’t the smallest particle with experiments that led to the momentous 1917 event.

It was a Manchester University scientist that was the brains behind those first 1945 atom bombs. The city became the world’s first to declare itself a nuclear free zone (in 1979) but the nuclear menace is still with us and so the world is forever poised on a knife-edge for fear of nuclear war.

That’s why we have this walk.

Don’t want to worry anyone.

*Please check website for updated times and meeting points as they are subject to change*

It's a great way to enjoy the kind of in-depth conversation with someone you'd never have on a Friday or Saturday night
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