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Full Day Nepalese Cuisine with Philippa

This full-day Nepalese cooking workshop combines the key elements of both our ever-popular Nepalese curries & rice workshop and their Nepalese dumplings workshop.
23rd January 2016 10am 
Parrs Wood High School, Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 5PG.  
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This full-day Nepalese cooking workshop combines the key elements of both their ever-popular Dal Bhat (Nepalese curries & rice) workshop and our Momo (Nepalese dumplings) workshop, giving you a full 6 hours to luxuriate in all things Nepalese. The 6-hour format also provides more time for one-to-one tuition from Philippa, so that you can get your dishes just right, and build your cooking confidence.

In the morning, learn how to transform everyday, local produce into a range of authentic Nepalese curries and side dishes – either ‘masu’ (chicken curry) or tarkari (vegetable curry), 3 varieties of ‘achhar’ (vegetable side dishes), a traditional dal (lentil soup) and perfect ‘bhat’ (fluffy white rice). By the time you all sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labours for lunch, you will be well equipped with the skills and knowledge to create tasty, Nepalese-style curries at home.

Then in the afternoon learn how to make beautiful Nepalese momos, the traditional dumplings filled with beef and/or vegetables, along with traditional accompaniment tomato achhar (spicy Nepalese tomato pickle). Find out all about consistency and filling and how to fold the perfect dumpling.

Originally from Tibet, the Nepalese have adopted the momo as a national favourite. The streets of Nepal are lined with carts serving up momos on stainless steel plates, banana leaves or the ripped out pages of old school textbooks. Momo houses thrive selling nothing but these little parcels of tastiness. People don’t care where or how they get them, they just need their momo fix!

Finally, Phillipa who is fluent in Nepali, will show you the Nepalese alphabet so that you can work your name out in Nepali and you will go home with your momos and

*** a beautifully prepared FREE spice bag *** so you can start sharing your new found skills with friends and family.

मो:मो मकिंग (reading this would sound out the English words ‘momo making’)
मो:मो बनाउने (this is Nepalese for Momo Making)

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