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Manchester Is The Best Place To Revitalise Your Social Life

Find out the 7 reasons why Manchester is the best place to revitalise your social life
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Fancy testing your brain power?

Come and meet new people, socialise, and exercise your brain. You could even leave the night with a prize, or at least a free drink at the venue. So you may wish to brush up on your trivia beforehand. Nah, only kidding…it’s really not that serious.


Something old, something new

The quizzes are light-hearted fun with multiple rounds. We have our regulars going along mixed in with new people. It’s a popular evening with non-stop socialising. Making friends in Manchester can be harder than it sounds. That’s why we carefully choose our socials, ensuring they’re natural, easy, and fun. Maybe a bit like your student days but, of course, much classier.


Meet new people and win a prize (maybe)

Playing Manchester quizzes is a great way to get to know new people. You not only find out who is knowledgeable about what but they're a great way to come out of your shell. And, of course, as they take place in pubs, a drink or two is always on the cards. So if you're looking to meet people in Manchester, this is a great way to do it. Our teams typically win a prize, so if you want to benefit from that, too, come along and have some fun. The quizzes are varied, and you never know, there may just be that one question that only you know the answer to.


So how does it work?

We know it’s a little unusual to turn up at an event knowing no one, so we don’t expect you to. Instead, we introduce you to the founders and then to the event host, who will make sure you’re feeling excited and not too nervous.

Whether it’s that you're looking for more things to do in Manchester or it's a lifelong ambition you're dying to fulfil, our Manchester activities have got you covered!

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social circle testimonial from Emma

Pub Quizz With Social Circle

I have to admit that I've been known to take pub quizzes pretty seriously. It's my competitive side. But the guys at Social Circle loosened me up and I soon got into the spirit of things. Like all Social Circle events, the people are the ones that make it. And fortunately, here you will find some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet.

social circle testimonial from Pauline

Social Circle Quizz Night

I'd never been to a quiz night before but was always intrigued. The teams also seemed massive and I could never get enough people together. With Social Circle, that hassle was taken right out of my hands. We had a great laugh while somehow winning a prize. Where else can you have that much fun for £1?

social circle testimonial from Michael

Quiz Night In Chorlton

I attended a quiz night in Chorlton, a bit nervous thinking that I would be the only one not knowing any of the answers. I soon realised it wasn't Trivial Pursuit we were playing but just a bit of fun. We all had a good laugh at some of our answers and it was a great ice breaker for a bunch of people who had never met before. Fantastic night!


Types Of Event

Chorlton quiz

Chorlton quiz
Quizimodo with Graham and Jonny is definitely a a quiz with a difference. It's tagline is simply:
As if science and fun had a baby…..!!!??**!!! Our members have always had fun at these nights and regularly come away with a prize. Not bad, eh?

Movie quiz

Movie quiz
The movie quiz at Home MCR tests the knowledge of the movie buffs among us, along with cheap pizza slices, drink promos and chilled tunes. The great thing is that every team wins a prize. As long as you're in Manchester, singles and couples are always welcome.

Pub quiz at the Stoker's Arms

Pub quiz at the Stoker's Arms
With its leather sofas and big, bright windows, this has to be one of the most comfortable and laid-back quizzes in Manchester. The night has been a regular on our calendar and perhaps the most popular among our members.

Upcoming Events

Monday Night Quiz Night

22/07/2024 7:30pm to 10pm
Costellos Bar, 18 Goose Grn, Altrincham WA14 1DW
Always a great atmosphere and a really mixed quiz. There is definitely a round for you. Monday Night Quiz Night

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