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Can you help us get through this together?

Over the past ten years, Social-Circle has been responsible for connecting thousands of people – building friendships and creating amazing memories – but the last few weeks have been a huge challenge.

Like millions of people across the country, we've had to adapt very quickly to the new reality.

Despite the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown and the necessary safety measures being implemented, Social-Circle remains committed to keeping people connected. We believe it's never been more important for us to get together and keep connected with both familiar faces and new friends. That's why we've launched this new online calendar, packed with relaxed, informal group activities and essential wellness resources.

Every event is absolutely FREE

For now, because we believe in the fundamental importance of keeping people connected, we're offering these incredible events for free.

Right now, we all need to pull together, so existing Social-Circle members get free access to our online events. NHS staff and the key workers can also access these exclusive online events for free.

Can you help us?

We're an established business, but like many of our partners in the events and hospitality industry, we're looking at a very uncertain future.

Each event is worth £8 on average, so we're asking new users to consider making a contribution to help us sustain this important service.

We really, truly appreciate any help you can give. Because in the age of isolation, the only way we're going to get through this is TOGETHER!

Could you help us out?

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