Meet the staff

Stephen. Founder.

I've found my dream job, well in actual fact the job found me 10 years ago when I returned from extensive world traveling.
Having met people from across the globe, travelling and experiencing many, many different cultures, I have found myself with the ability to speak to almost anyone and drum up a conversation in any situation.
However, being Scottish probably means I'm also full of waffle.
My jack of all trades knowledge but master of none has given me the various tools I need to demonstrate that building a service industry business from scratch can be achieved.
Assisting in enhancing people's social lives has also been very rewarding. 2 kids also help keep me grounded. One Life, Live it!

Will. Website Developer.

I sit in front of my computer so much that my skin now hyper-sensitive to sunshine.
I am a Sagitarius, so I like to trust people, but am not superstitious.


Jackson. Digital/Social Media Manager.

I'm a Social Circle 'behind the scenes' veteran, having contributed to various web-related tasks for the better part of a decade.
If you receive Social Circle emails, they're most likely from me; so feel free to comment on how tremendous they are.
Oh, and I like chicken!


Phil. Graphic Designer.

Hi there I'm the International Man of Mystery in the Social Circle camp, rarely attending any events but there in soul rather than in person.
Interests include: Photography, music, films and travel.


Cathy. Member Liason Cooordinator.

I worked overseas for Thomas Cook for 12 years and was lucky enough to have lived in over 18 different countries,during my career as a Resort Manager. I am a team player and love the opportunity to travel and enjoy holidays and weekend breaks either in or out of the sun.
Being Scottish I love to wax lyrically and love to talk and share experiences, I like to live life at full speed, and Social Circle offers me the opportunity to do all of this and more, that's why I love being a host and enjoy meeting new members and helping them begin their own Social Circle journey.


Sara. Accounts.

Interesting content about this person will be available soon.


Michelle. Administration.

I pick up some of the emails and website queries along with any mailings that need facilitated.
The CRM system updates daily to give me all details and who to chase for payments ))))


Emma. Host Coordinator.

I am an organised person who likes to get things done. I am interested in other people and love meeting like-minded individuals.
I have travelled vastly, living in various countries throughout my life. This has allowed me a wider sense of the world in which we live.
I have an open mind and am always looking for that next adventure.


Paula. Host.

I enjoy meeting people & having new experiences. I am a warm & friendly person who loves the opportunity of being a host for social circle.


Colette. Host.

I really enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. I know it can be daunting at first though for people to go an event where they don't know anyone and I would to help them to feel at ease and welcome.
I think this is a real strength of mine to build rapport quickly with people.
I think social circle is a great organisation and such a fun way to meet some wonderful people.


Gemma. Host.

I have been a social committee member /host both in university and during most of my employment. I am also usually the one organising gatherings with friends and team nights out.
I have always enjoyed socialising and meeting new people. However, what I enjoy more is when I can encourage other people to do the same. I am I commit to the required 2 minimum events per month. In the event a a host is unable to attend an event that I have booked on to, I would also be more than happy to stand in to ensure that events can go ahead and members are not left disappointed.


Ruth. Host.

I am used to working with the public and enjoy meeting new people.
I enjoy meeting people. I have a lively outgoing personality, am friendly and can quickly put people at ease.


Anthony. Host.

I love talking to people and ensuring that they're have a great time. I am confident and happy and willing to talk to and make friends with anyone. I also want to join Social Circle but have just gone from weekly pay to monthly so am a bit skint so the free membership will help.
I've been a camp leader, trek leader, teacher & activity leader.
Because I enjoy meeting people & doing my best to ensure activities go smoothly.


Rachael. Host.

Have to meet lots of different people as part of my job, host meetings and facilitate groups.
I chose to join the team so that people can really get to know the fab city that is Manchester. I fully understand how hard it can be to make new fiends so i would like to help people in that situation and help them get a rocking social life! I can be flexible on days when i can host diary permitting.


Linda. Host.

I have previously worked in Event Management planning, organising events and managing events on the day.
Now i run my own company offering health and well-being advice @


Jen. Host.

I have worked on cruise ships and travelled the world and enjoyed many adventures. I enjoy concerts and festivals and various challenges, such as Tough Mudder.
I like to think that I have the ability to make people feel at ease with my warm, confident, and reassuring manner.


Viv. Host.

Ambitious young lady currently just come back from Australia were i had the time of my life.
I am fun,outgoing and bubbly person my friends class me as crazy, my most important thing in life is to enjoy life live it.


Heather. Host.

I am outgoing, energetic and competitive and likes to ensure that everyone around me has the best experience.
I am an employment lawyer by day so know my rights from my wrongs, except from a Friday night :)


Nicola. Host.

I will go out of my way to ensure that everyone is mingling and enjoy their night. I like to make everyone comfortable and answer any questions that people may have.
I work at Manchester university in student support where I register and support all new students.
I am the biggest Manchester City fan you could possibly meet.


Zoe. Host.

I enjoy a good giggle and a pint down my local public house. I also enjoy helping people, which I am able to express through my job in the recruitment industry.
I am an 80's girl. I love The Pet Shop Boys and would travel the end of the world to see them.


Victoria. Host.

I have a lot of interest in people and a lot of experience with dealing with people 1-on-1.
I am an extrovert and love to dress up in what people tell me is a unique fashion sense. I think that exposes my creative personality.
I also enjoy keeping fit and cycling. I cycle practically everywhere I go.


Kasia. Host.

The outdoors is my life. I will climb the highest mountain should the challenge call for it. I love the wilderness, glacier walking; basically, I'm an adrenaline junkie.
Having said that, I also love meeting new people and dancing all night.
I work as a researcher at various universities by day.

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