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Kady Smith
15/04/2020 07:38
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Steven Moore
29/03/2017 22:01
i some times double book events a thing on the events page to show u are booked on a event that day do u still want to book ?
Craig Fitton
10/11/2016 17:43
Hi Steve just wondering how about a night out at the dogs at belle vue
Anna Flanders
25/08/2015 21:21
Does anyone fancy trying korfball? Korfball is a mixed team sport similar to basketball and netball and is a great way to get active and meet new people. Manchester Korfball Club are offering free sessions to beginners every Thursday from 8-10pm at Sale Leisure Centre. You dont need any fancy equipment, just turn up in normal sports kit ready to join in and have fun.
Nigel Davy
11/12/2014 13:27
Anything happening in January?
Nigel Davy
11/12/2014 13:26
Anyone know anything about a New Years Eve event?
Charlotte Mullock
05/11/2014 12:18
Free tickets for new beauty show - Come & pamper yourself with our spa treatments & learn how to keep looking & feeling fantastic with the latest beauty products, make-up, skincare & lifestyle advice. email for tickets
Sally Anne
23/10/2014 15:04
what about target practice at a shooting range? Ive always wanted to try that :]
Ben Smith: I would be interested in that. Never done it before
24/10/2014 21:12
David Basnett: Id be interested in that too. I used to do target rifle shooting when I was young, but that was ages ago.
08/12/2014 10:57
Justina Oyekunle
02/06/2014 15:38
whats happening with the coronation street tour. Is it going ahead. I have not heard anything from the host. Its in two hours time.
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Justina, we have no booking for you ? Samantha
02/06/2014 15:41
Justina Oyekunle: I have email confirmation from social circle. I said i will pay when i get there.
02/06/2014 16:18
Stephen Sutherland: Pay when you get there ? Its booked at least 7 days in advance as per the event details, maybe they have a cancellation when you get there. Samantha
02/06/2014 16:30
Jackie Wall
11/05/2014 13:26
Hi, Steve how about Greens in West Didsbury - I went recently, and it was delicious. How about Glamping, paint balling or horse riding?
Alison Caine: Hi Jackie, Steve has taken on board your comments about Greens and I am hosting a meal there on 28th JUNE followed by drinks at the METROPOLITAN, For those who dont want to come to the restaurant, they can join us after for an evening at the members welcome to a really relaxed evening. x
24/05/2014 12:14
Justina Oyekunle
03/03/2014 14:33
Hi steve. Is it posible to have chinesse meal .
Anthony Thomason: Hi Justina, Theres a trip to Wings restaurant on the 14th April. As far as Im aware thats a chinese buffet so you can fill up on chinese goodness. If you cant wait that long Theres a thai meal on the 14th March so similar cuisine. If youre not too bothered about what you put in your mouth, then Im hosting the Meal at Dukes later on this month. Come along, itll be fun! Ant x
05/03/2014 16:37
Emma Hodson: I hosted the Wings Banquet on Tuesday - it was really good so sure well go again soon!
19/04/2014 11:56
Allison Caine
17/02/2014 23:08
Hi Steve, How about a Centre Parks weekend? If you could rent say a 10 bed lodge, it should work out cost effective for us all....failing that you could always try Ribby Hall or Hoeseasons, many have hot tubs.
Stephen Sutherland: Thanks Allison, Ill take a look at the logistics of that one :]
18/02/2014 11:54
Jeff Niel
20/01/2014 21:20
A couple of possible event ideas for you Steve. How about a meal at Nings on Oldham Street - they do two courses for £15 at certain times. And what about a trip on the big wheel in Piccadilly Gardens?
Emma Hodson: Hi Jeff Ill mention these ideas to Steve, is the wheel there permanently now?
22/01/2014 15:26
Jeff Niel: Im not sure its there forever but I believe its at least 12 months
22/01/2014 19:31
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Jeff, we did an event there a while ago but will look at it again :]
18/02/2014 11:55
Emma Hodson: Jeff - the big wheel event is now on the calendar...your request has been granted
19/04/2014 11:56
Justina Oyekunle
19/01/2014 09:52
Hi Steve.Any plans of having a company in Manchester doing pedicure and manicure as the one we use now is too far from Manchester.It is in Warrington.The movies and bars ans restaurants are in Manchester area eg didsbury and wilmslow road and city centre.
Emma Hodson: Hi Justina - if you know of a Manchester company who will do a free pedicure or manicure then let us know and we can contact them to see if we can secure something for Social Circle
22/01/2014 15:25
Justina Oyekunle: Hi Emma-It will not be free it will be the same terms as the one in Warrington.They said they get paid £14 for pedicure by social circle..I know one caled Nail Box . Telephone number 0161 3360566
23/01/2014 22:02
Justina Oyekunle: Hi emma and steve. whats happening with manchester manicure and pedicure. None in April diary. pls sort it.
03/03/2014 14:29
Dan Spendlove
08/01/2014 19:20
Hi Steve. Any plans on doing the Liverpool pub crawl again? Speaking to other people who went on it last year, they all said it was the best pub crawl theyd been on [not that Im blowing my own trumpet like, ha ha!]
Stephen Sutherland: Ha BRILLIANT you tell us a Saturday when your free and we will get back on the calendar, high expectations 2nd time around ))))
09/01/2014 22:31
Alex Gibson
08/01/2014 09:32
Hi Steve, been thinking about event suggestions. What about cookery classes? Would love to learn how to make a proper curry. :-]
Stephen Sutherland: They cost a fortune, i might have something brewing with the local colledge that will keep the cost down, unless you know of affordable ones as likes of NING etc cost £80 to £100!!
09/01/2014 22:32
Justina Oyekunle
05/01/2014 12:12
do you plan weekend breaks leaving friday evening after work and back sunday night. Just relaxing and pampering not walking or skiing.
Zoe Pute: hi justina, its Zoe. we met on comedy some of the walking weekends have different levels and suited to all abilities and have options for shorter walks. They suit a variety of abilities. If you have a suggestion about pampering or spa weekends you can post it on here as Steve always listens to members ideas/suggestions for the calender.
09/01/2014 18:27
Stephen Sutherland: Challenge set, lets find something thats not walking a city break somewhere with the options of Spa's etc. But by all means don't wait on me finding it if you already know of something?
09/01/2014 22:34
Kimberley Newlands: I second that for a spa weekend! ]]]
10/01/2014 21:15
Emma Hodson: Steves tasked me with pricing a spa break once Ive got some options well get it posted on the calendar
11/01/2014 18:55
Emma Hodson: Im almost ready to post this event to the calender - do we want to go Sat 3rd May, Sat 10th May or Sat 17th? Well go with the majority!
16/01/2014 13:20
Emma Hodson: Im almost ready to post this event to the calender - do we want to go Sat 3rd May, Sat 10th May or Sat 17th? Well go with the majority!
16/01/2014 13:20
Justina Oyekunle: 3rd May is ok for me but will go with the majority. Good work Emma
16/01/2014 14:48
Justina Oyekunle: Can we suggest activities like facials, massage, pedicure and manicure and lots of food and drinks.
16/01/2014 14:51
Emma Hodson: The overnight spa break is now live on the calendar for 10th May, Im hosting so if anyone has any questions please let me know x
27/01/2014 15:31
Elaine Hollins
18/12/2013 15:56
Hi, I am a little nervous about coming to an event on my own. What can I expect? Are there others solo?
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Elaine, almost everyone comes on their own and are in the same boat so we understand your hesitancy which is our hosts go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Youll be mingling in no time! :)
18/12/2013 16:26
Emma Hodson: Lots of people come along solo - the host will make you feel welcome and introduce you to others on the event, you will soon recognise faces and make friends
11/01/2014 18:56
Justina Oyekunle: Hi Elaine, I was worried the first time i went for an event, but it was very friendly and the host will introduce you to everyone.It can be too much if you try to remember every ones name.Just go with the flow.See you soon.
14/01/2014 16:08
Lindsey Shearman: Hi Elaine, I too was nervious about coming to an event on my own. I ummd and ahhd for about 3 months before I took the plunge! Im so glad i did, it was the best thing i did for myself. I met some amazing people, who have all been so friendly. I have made some really good friends and have never looked back! Come along and join in the fun!!!
16/01/2014 12:56
Stephen Sutherland
18/12/2013 11:08
Hi Amy, weve had that on the calendar before and well probably offer it again in the Spring.
Amy Travis
18/12/2013 11:04
Id love to give paintballing a go, I dont suppose youre planning on having that on the calendar?
caroline Jennings
09/12/2013 13:08
Hello are you planning on any further wine tasting evenings in the new year? They are always brilliant fun!!
Stephen Sutherland: Yes I've got this to add to the calendar after January
02/01/2014 14:38