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Martin Heys
15/08/2017 08:32
Hi I have just booked to go on the marple walk on Sunday I have two well behaved dogs can I bring them with me ? Martin
Jemima Lloyd
13/04/2015 21:25
Hi, I signed up for the 10k a while ago but just wondered if we need to confirm what wave we want to go in and gets t-shirts etc? Thanks! :-]
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Jemima, BUPA will have all your details when you registered with them so i suspect they will be in touch soon. Steve
14/04/2015 10:49
Sara Baines
23/10/2014 15:32
Im a bit nervous and just wanted to confirm that you guys will go easy on me before I join :]
Emma Hodson: Hi Sara - Im one of the hosts and Id like to set your mind at rest that we are very welcoming especially to new members as we always know that you have just joined. What event are you thinking about attending first?
23/10/2014 15:50
Fiona Long
10/06/2014 20:10
Is there a way on the website to change my password? I cant see it but maybe its hidden somewhere.
Jennifer Kelly: Hi Fiona, if you go to Your Account [top right under the banner] Then just above where it says Your upcoming events youll see the view/edit details box. Just click that and you can change your password at the bottom of the page. Hope you find it!
10/06/2014 22:59
Fiona Long: Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the advice. Ive finally got round to doing it and it worked just as you said!
19/06/2014 22:22
Alison Caine
25/05/2014 23:34
No chance, there are even people as old as me! Lol ??
vanessa woodrow
25/05/2014 23:31
Thanks Alison, was a bit worried that Id turn up to an event & be the oldie!
Alison Caine
25/05/2014 22:46
Hi Vanessa, the activities are mixed age groups and this allows individuals to mix with like minded friends, to enjoy shared interests which you may not get if it was limited to specific age groups.
vanessa woodrow
25/05/2014 19:15
are the activities mixed age groups? or can you pick them specific to age groups?
Mark Jones
25/04/2014 16:47
Hi nervously ive just completed the free trial form and appkied for tonights event at the met am I ok to come along as it does say just for members
Anthony Thomason: How was your night?
26/04/2014 12:02
Tobias Hicks
10/03/2014 23:07
I work of a week to week rota so how far in advance would I need to book for events?
Jackson Kelly: Hi Tobias, it depends on how quickly the events get booked up but we get bookings right up until the day of the event so there will be plenty of oppportunity for you to get involved.
12/03/2014 22:57
Tobias Hicks
10/03/2014 23:03
are all the events free to members in bright yellow or just free on the free trial?
Jackson Kelly: Theyre all free to members :]
12/03/2014 22:57
Tina Scott
21/02/2014 15:40
Ooh, Im not sure lol Im hoping some members can convince me to give it a try cause I secretly think Id like it. Go on, convince me :]
Anthony Thomason: I think youll love it. I joined up not only to meet new people, which I have, but to try things I would have never done before in a lovely, comfortable & sociable environment. In March I shall be going to the TV21 quiz & for the meal at Dukes. I look forward to seeing you at either. Ant x
22/02/2014 01:47
Holly Ansell
06/02/2014 15:17
Oops... A good start. Ive signed up for the new potential members night on the 11th, and just wondered what their general popularity is like? Im nervous, but please to be meeting new poeple. And just curious, what kind of age ranges do you find that people are when theyre looking to join? Thanks
Jeff Niel: Did you enjoy it? Theres a wide range of ages from early 20s to at least late 50s that I know of. The best policy is just book on to events that appeal to you and enjoy the company of whoever else turns up
13/02/2014 22:21
Holly Ansell
06/02/2014 15:16
Anthony Thomason: Hello!
21/03/2014 19:29
Allison Caine
30/01/2014 17:26
I joined 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Im trying all the different event and actually look forward to meeting new people at each event. There is no need to be nervous as the hosts will welcome you and make you feel at ease. Ive already made new friends who I have met socially outside the social circle. The biggest step is deciding to join...after that its a piece of cake!
Emma Hodson: Glad to hear you are enjoying it Allison - see you again soon we always have such fun!
27/02/2014 20:17
Catherine Pike: you are a great advert for social circle have embraced whats its all about and i am glad you are enjoying yourself
04/03/2014 14:21
Catherine Pike: you are a great advert for social circle have embraced whats its all about and i am glad you are enjoying yourself
04/03/2014 14:21
Alex Rhodes
21/01/2014 10:36
Im sure there are a lot of people in the same boat as I am but I cant help feeling a bit nervous about coming along to an event. Will I be able to speak to one of you guys beforehand at the event before throwing myself in at the deep end?
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Alex, not a problem, our hosts are always willing to meet anyone before the event to make things a bit easier. You will get the no. of the host on the day of the event so just let him/her know :]
29/01/2014 14:54
Zoe Putey: Definately if you did an event and wanted to meet the host earlier just let whoever know and they will meet you before everyone arrives to take the nerves away!!!
04/04/2014 19:26
Katharine Dargon
11/01/2014 16:40
Hi I am thinking of joining social circle but I am quite a shy person until I know people and feel a bit intimidated in large groups of strangers. I really want to change that and get out to meet new people. Could someone give me some more advise and advise me what would be the best for a free taster session?
Emma Hodson: Hi Katherine - did you take the plunge and join up? I see there is a half price offer email on today if you wanted to check that out it came through by email
11/01/2014 18:58
Katharine Dargon: Hi Emma no I havent taken the plunge yet to join up. What is this half price e-mail offer I havent seen anything anywhere or received anything by email.
11/01/2014 21:35
Stephen Sutherland: There is an event this Friday at The Metropolitan in Didsbury. Always great to have a few drinks after work. Hope to see you there.
13/01/2014 17:17
Emma Hodson: The Met was my very first event with Social Circle - I can recommend it for a first trial event from first hand experience!
13/01/2014 19:31
Justina Oyekunle: Hi Katharine, my free taster was curry night.We had a drink and introduction and then a seat down meal.From my experience of some events you will not get to know everyone if you start with movie night.It will be nice to meet you on one of the events.
16/01/2014 14:58
Zoe Putey: Hi Katharine, there are loads of different events on to choose from. The drinks events are always relaxing and the meals are good. Everyone is in the same position when you are new but once you take the plunge you will find you will love it. people are really friendly and you will never look back!!
04/04/2014 19:24
Zoe Pute
11/01/2014 11:04
I have been a volunteer host since November 2011 and i really enjoy it. I enjoy the variety of the calender and its a chance to try something new you wouldnt normally do! We spend 40 hours a week at work so in my spare time i want to enjoy my free time as much as possible!
Stephen Sutherland: Your a great host too ))))
13/01/2014 17:20
Zoe Putey: aw thanks Steve!!! :-]:-]:-]
04/04/2014 19:20
Stephen Sutherland
02/01/2014 15:11
If anyone is interested I'll be doing the BUPA 10K run on 18th May, if you're interested book it here: and I'll also be doing this Triathlon on Sunday 15th June book here: - Come and join me!!
Mandy Bruce
02/01/2014 15:01
Ive been a volunteer host over a year now and I love it! Steve is looking for 4/5 hosts as the moment so anyone reading this who is interested why dont you contact him directly? Being a host qualifies you for free membership!!
Emma Hodson
02/01/2014 14:51
Ive been a member for over 2 years and I will continue to be one. The value for money is incredible. Ive met so many new people and continue to do so because there are always new people joining. There are events on the calendar that I would just not have had the chance to try / or afford to do if I wasnt doing them through Social Circle! I really cant recommend becoming a member highly enough. There are hundreds of events which are free of charge!
Justina Oyekunle: Hi Emma,does free events mean free of charge or does it mean reduced fee..
16/01/2014 21:13
Caroline Slack
02/01/2014 14:45
How much is membership if I wanted to take 12 months membership?
Emma Hodson: I dont think Social Circle offer 12 months membership! What a good idea though. For 6 months it costs £22.50 a month - I wonder how much that would reduce to over 12 months? I think this is one for Steve to have a think about!
02/01/2014 14:53
Stephen Sutherland: I haven't considered this before if there are enough people asking for it I will put it up as an option! The monthly membership cost would obviously be reduced again! Please can anyone interested in having a 12 month membership let me know? Feedback on this most welcome!
02/01/2014 15:13
Kimberley Newlands: Id be keen on a 12 month membership.
10/01/2014 21:19
Emily Worthington: Id be interested in a 12 month membership too if they were offered.
14/01/2014 15:55
Justina Oyekunle: 12 months membership would be nice if offered and i am interested.
16/01/2014 21:03
Helen Dart: Id be interested too.
18/01/2014 15:02
Allison Caine: Id be interested.
30/01/2014 17:30
Allison Caine: Id be interested.
30/01/2014 17:30
Amy Travis
18/12/2013 11:02
Hi, Im interesting in joining but am a little unsure. Would I be able to try it out first?
Stephen Sutherland: Hi Amy. Certainly, we offer a free trial :)
18/12/2013 11:08
Emma Hodson: Hi Amy - did you give the free trial a go? Plenty of events to choose from!
09/01/2014 23:01
Justina Oyekunle: Hi Amy,did you give free taster a go. Lots of events to go on, enjoy
16/01/2014 21:06
Patrick Byrne: Hi am thinking of joining circles am bit shy at first would this be right for me want to make friends
24/05/2014 11:56
Patrick Byrne: Hi am thinking of joining circles am bit shy at first would this be right for me want to make friends
24/05/2014 11:57
Patrick Byrne: Hi am Patrick can you meet and talk to the people who run the circles group before joinning
24/05/2014 11:59
Alison Caine: Hi Patrick, joining social circle was on of the best things I have done. The members are really friendly and Ive made so many good friends as a result! If you are free tomorrow Im hosting Revolucion de cuba 241 drinks and meal. There are about 5 new members on this event and if you are nervous, I can meet you earlier. I promise you you wont regret joining us.
24/05/2014 12:00
Patrick Byrne: Hi am Patrick am thinking of joking circles am bit shy is circle right for me pls someone reply back soon
24/05/2014 12:00