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Whether you're looking for partners in crime on social nights or new walking friends at the weekend, you will meet fab, friendly people from all walks of life.
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We don't just meet occasionally. We have something on every day of the month.
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Free cinema nights, free fitness classes, free guided walks and more.
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Be part of a community of friendly people here.


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Meet lots of interesting people who are just like you.


Find lots of things to do and people to hang out with every time you feel like going out.

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Come along and try one of our events today completely free of charge. There is no obligation to sign up with us at all. Just come and enjoy the event of your choice.


Check out our calendar page to see which events are running. We offer a massive range of activities from cinema and restaurant visits to walking and breaks away.


For less than 66p per day, you can enjoy all the benefits of social circle. So if you want to meet new people and try new things click here to join, and change your life forever!


Social Circle Jessica
Social Circle made relocating to Manchester so easy
I only knew one person in Manchester before I had to relocate here for my job but fortunately, she recommended Social Circle. Before I knew it, I was bumping into people I had met at various events. Social Circle is the one single thing that has made moving to Manchester such a pleasure.
Social Circle James
An exciting way to explore Manchester
Social Circle makes meeting new people a natural and pleasurable experience. It also offers a great way to enjoy this fantastic city that we live in. I've made so many friends and have enjoyed so many great nights that this is already one of the most social and exciting periods of my life.
Social Circle Lisa
Now I wonder what I was worrying about
I had thought about joining Social Circle for some time but had convinced myself it would be a nerve-wracking experience. When I tried a free event, I realised that everyone was in the same boat as me, which made sense after I thought about it. Now I only wish I'd joined earlier.
Social Circle Jamie
I can't imagine not being a member
Social Circle is such a great way to make your life more social and active, whether you currently have an active lifestyle or not. Every week I seem to make new friends and see parts of Manchester I never even knew existed.
Social Circle Mike
Weekends have never been so much fun
I always used to wonder what to do at the weekend. Most of the people I used to socialise with are either married or have moved out of the area. Now I pop on to the site to view the Social Circle calendar, knowing my weekend will be fun and active.
Social Circle David
Money well spent
I tried a few Meetup groups but with so few events and few people in attendance, it's really hard to get to know people. For anyone who is wondering why they should pay to join Social Circle, look at the calendar and how much there is on offer each and every month.
Social Circle Sophia
A one-stop solution for new city blues
Having lived in Liverpool all of my life and knowing so many places and people there, it was really daunting to make the move to Manchester. Social Circle helped me tremendously in what would otherwise have been a very slow and painful transition.
Social Circle Linda
I actually saved money by joining Social Circle
I used to be a member of a health club, where I paid £50 per month for the privilege of being a member. Now, paying half of that price for being a member of Social Circle, I get to attend regular fitness classes entirely free. And on top of that, I've gotten to meet some fabulous new people.
Social Circle Graham
Now I live outside of my comfort zone
I suddenly became semi-reclusive and realised I had to do something about it. So I joined Social Circle and now not only do I meet new people every weekend, I even try my hand at activities such as abseiling and coasteering: words I never thought I would even say, never mind take part in.
Social Circle Alison
Social Circle helped me during a very difficult time
I had just come out of a long-term relationship and in the process, started to see far less of some mutual friends. When a friend recommended Social Circle, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

Social Circle is the premier Manchester events company for both Manchester singles and couples. With a unique outlook, we bring together like-minded people to make new Manchester friends through activities they enjoy. Whether it's socialising in exclusive bars or our legendary Pub Crawls, going out for meals at some fantastic Manchester restaurants, exciting weekends away, walking / fitness activities or great value holidays, Social Circle has it all.

Are you new to the area? Your friends all partnered off and your social life dwindling? Do you have the energy and the desire to break the dull routine whilst making some new friends? Or maybe you have promised yourself to try some more adventurous things. Listen here to why you should join Social Circle.

We have a range of Manchester events with activities, adventure weekends away, and group holidays. So take a look at our calendar for fun and active things to do in Manchester by booking on an event that suits you and prepare to expand your social life.

If you like comedy, dancing, free cinema trips and trips to the theatre or if you want to Learn New Skills or like the idea of getting pampered for the day, Social Circle offers you the chance to experience all of this in a safe, friendly environment, with other like minded people.

So take a look at our calendar for fun and active things to do in Manchester by booking on an event that suits you and prepare to expand your social life. Connect with like-minded Manchester singles and couples through fun local events with Social Circle membership.


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