A New Manc’s Guide to Manchester- Events, Venues, and More

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Manchester maybe known for being a sporting hub, thanks to the global popularity of Manchester United and the rising prominence of its blue counterpart. However, it is also one of the largest cities in the UK; second in terms of population, in fact. So when you are new to such a thriving city, how do you navigate without getting lost and what can you expect from your new home? Here are a few handy notes on Manchester events, venues, and more.

  1. You will soon consider it homeIt’s hard to live in Manchester without it’s very core sinking deep into your bones. One day, sooner than you think, you will leave town for a day and find that you long to go back home to good ol’ Manchester. The music, the nightlife, the people…all of those things you may have initially found daunting, will pull you right on in.
  2. Meeting people is easy. And they’re some of the friendliest people you will want to meet.While Manchester is a large city and a cultural hotbed, it isn’t so full of itself that you will get lost in the hype. The people here are warm and friendly and will make you feel right at home.
  3. You can learn to make your way around central Manchester in no time at allMaking your way from one area in the city centre to the next is a breeze and there is always something to see. From the trendy and eclectic Norther Quarter to the shopping beacon of the Arndale Centre and the upmarket King Street to the commercial and restaurant hub Spinningfields, you will know where you are going in no time. Along the way, you will see quirky shops, as well as the more common chains for the commercially minded, independent and chain bars and restaurants, and maybe even a celebrity or two.
  4. You will be proud of being a Manc As an adopted citizen of Manchester, you will begin to feel  a healthy hatred of anyone who dares to say a bad word against your new, beloved city. That is especially the case if they’re from Down South. Not to confuse you, there is also a thriving cosmopolitan scene. Such as is the brilliance of the city, they too tend to become proper Mancs, sooner or later. 
  5. It rivals London as the UK’s media hub. Since the BBC moved here properly and we now not only have the likes of Coronation Street and Jeremy Kyle being filmed here regularly, shows such as The Voice often make their way down from the capital to allow fans to be studio guests for the day.

For those of you have recently moved to the city, click here to download our free guide on making the most out of this fab city.

Manchester Socialising Is Dead. Long Live Your Social Life!

social circle manchester socialising40% of people spend more time socialising online than they do face-to-face (source: AllTwitter)

There are some frightening statistics around socialising since the advent of social media. Social media is all fine and good (and let’s be honest, this blog certainly belongs in that field). But does that mean that it should take up so much of our attention? It is great as a way to send a quick message or to send out a mass invite to an event. But it was never intended to replace face-to-face communication.

There are other stats out there, which are equally frightening:

24% of people have missed witnessing important moments because they are too busy trying to write about them on social networks (source: The Social Skinny)

We’ve all seen a coffee shop or a train full of people with their heads down, fixated on their mobile phone screen. Instead of engaging in conversation with the person sat next to them or noticing the environment around them, they’re stuck in cyber space. Oftentimes, that’s on their lunch break before they go back to work to…you guessed it…stare at a screen for the rest of the afternoon. So not only is a social media addiction a socalising killer- it’s not particularly healthy either.

Internet users spend 22.5% of their online time social networking (source: The Social Skinny)

A lot of other activity may be equally wasteful but then why are we spending so much time socialising online when there is a whole host of people to meet in the real world?

The Solution

Social Circle offers numerous opportunities for Manchester socialising to get you out there and getting involved with what’s going on in the world around you. Whether you just want to meet new people or have specific activities in mind that you’d like to have a go at, see our Manchester events calendar here and choose your free event.

manchester socialising- free event

How To Meet New People in Manchester

The three ladies above are talking more about meeting people for dating rather than friendship but the same principles apply. Let’s break down their suggestions one by one:

  1. Meeting people at the park
    They refer to the park as the dog park. I guess that’s more of an American term but then we do have dogs and we do have parks so I get where they are coming from. This is certainly one way to meet people and hey, you would definitely have something in common: you both have dogs. And while your dog is off socialising in his or her own unique way, you can strike up a conversation with a fellow pet lover. And who knows: you may become friends for life?
  2. Meeting people at the supermarket
    I don’t think this one is quite as natural as the one above. Yes, it’s possible, but finding something in common (unless you both happen to have your dog with you) is far less common. I don’t know if you would start talking to someone about your love of croissants just because you both happen to be stood in the bread aisle.
  3. Meeting people on an airplane
    Sure, you could do. But the problems with this one are apparent: they may not live anywhere near you  (Manchester Airport covers areas far and wide) and Manchester may have been their holiday destination and they are heading back home to God knows where.
  4. Meeting people at work
    Let’s face it. If this were that easy, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.
  5. Meeting people through existing friends
    I have to agree with the ladies on this one. This is certainly a risky proposition. Introducing friends to other friends can sometimes result in cringe-worthy occasions. And you wouldn’t want to do that to your existing friends now, would you?
  6. Meeting people at Church
    Not that there’s anything wrong with going to Church but this is far more of a realistic method in the U.S. where attending Church every Sunday is a common event.
  7. Meeting people online
    They are talking about dating specifically here but it is still a valid method and people do make friends this way. However, the problems that exist with online dating exist here also. You never quite know how closely the person in their profile resembles their real-world persona and just because you both checked music and sports in the the interest categories doesn’t mean that you will get on in real life.

Another suggestion would be to attend social events where you know in advance that people are there on the same terms as you. Social Circle offers more than 150 opportunities each and every month to meet new people in Manchester. So what are you waiting for? Attend a free event of your choosing and come along and meet some like-minded people.


Young Manchester professionals suffering from depression

British psychologists have conducted research which shows that educated 20 and 30- make-new-manchester-friendssomethings are prone to pre-midlife depression.

It is a time that should provide adventure and opportunity, before marriage and mortgages have worn their welcome. But coping with relationships, debt, unemployment (and employment) is causing a quarter-life crisis among young professionals, says a new study by British psychologists.

Showing all of the qualities of a midlife crisis, the quarter life crisis is recognised by depression, loneliness, disappointments, and insecurities, and affecting 20 and 30-somethings after they are faced with the real world. Educated professionals have been recognised as those most likely to suffer.

Dr Oliver Robinson, lead researcher from the University of Greenwich said:

“Quarter-life crises don’t happen literally a quarter of the way through your life. They occur a quarter of your way through adulthood, in the period between 25 and 35, although they cluster around 30.”

Robinson, who discussed his research at British Psychological Society Annual Conference, collaborated with researchers at Birbeck College on the study which he claims if the only study to look into quarter life crisis from a data standpoint rather than pure speculation.

The study is supported by research conducted by Gumtree.com. The website found that 86 per cent of the 1,000 individuals who took part of the survey confessed to succumbing to pressure in their jobs, finances, and relationships before reaching 30.

Robinson further revealed that the quarter life crisis, which continues for two years on average, is not 100 per cent negative. These crises comprise four separate phases, which he said begins with a feeling of being trapped.

Two in five were worried about money, saying they did not earn enough, and 32% felt under pressure to marry and have children by the age of 30. Six percent were planning to emigrate, while 21% wanted a complete career change.

Robinson said:

“The results will help reassure those who are experiencing this transition that it is a commonly experienced part of early adult life, and that a proven pattern of positive change results from it.”

Damian Barr, who wrote a book entitled: ‘Get it Together: A Guide to Surviving Your Quarter-life Crisis’ said that an increasing amount of 25-year-olds are feeling pressures typically reserved for people in their mid-40’s.

He added:

“Plenty of people are going to say the quarter life crisis doesn’t exist. The truth is that our 20s are not, as they were for our parents, 10 years of tie-dye fun and quality ‘me’ time. Being twenty something now is scary – fighting millions of other graduates for your first job, struggling to raise a mortgage deposit and finding time to juggle all your relationships.

“We have the misfortune to be catapulted into a perilous property market. We’re earning more and spending more than ever. We’re getting into debt to finance our degrees, careers and accommodation.”

Not that there is no such thing with depression as there clearly is but as in many cases of labelling, sometimes the solution is less complex than made out to be. Often, what we need is to feel a part of something, to have friends and family to reach out to in our hour of need. Really, it’s just about the human touch. That’s what makes Social Circle so unique. We may have a wealth of events on our calendar but it’s all about meeting people. Think of what they went through in ‘Friends’. They may have had a luxurious apartment but they certainly had their fair share of troubles over the years. Make new Manchester friends today and start making the most out of life.

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Adding a splash of gin to Manchester events

The technical explanation of gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you. Among the best-loved and more complex drinks, with a timeline that covers hundreds of years, gin goes right back to the birth of distillation. It also makes for a great addition to Manchester events. In fact, come to think of it, it’s just the kind of event we’re offering in August. You’ll have to read until the end of this blog post to find out more 😉

So while only true lovers will find the history of gin even remotely interesting, the important thing to take into consideration is that it is very definitely a great choice for a social occasion. There’s nothing like a get together with like-minded gin enthusiasts (or people who just like the taste of alcohol) enjoying gin in all it’s various guises.

Picture this: It’s 1920’s New York and prohibition has taken over the city. But WAIT….! Whispers can be heard down a dark alley. Hiding inside a long closed building is a joint that only a select few know about. You hear a dark, husky voice from the shadows: “Can you tell me the password?”.

Social Circle is offering limited FREE places to a £15 valued Gin Tasting event hosted by Portobello Road Gin at The Pen and Pencil. You will be greeted with a complimentary glass upon arrival and various tasters and cocktails will be available on the night. So if you feel like adding something stronger to your Manchester events, this may just be the perfect occasion 🙂


Manchester socialising just got Hot! Hot! Hot!

How have you been during the hottest few days of the year? As Brits, we may be used to complaining about how our heat is stickier and clammier than our European counterparts. But those hot summer nights can also make for some fantastic Manchester socialising.

This week, we’ve enjoyed weather hotter than Barcelona and Hawaii. Granted, we don’t have the sea and sand of Spain and Honolulu, especially in the North, but at least we’re enjoying some sun at long last.

So how do you take advantage of the sun? Visiting the pub on a weekend afternoon is certainly more enjoyable. As is walking in the Peak District or the Lakes. Certainly, pub nights tend to start earlier and have a different vibe, especially in an area like Castlefield, with bars that are made for sitting outside.

The sun also tends to puts us in a better mood, and more open to socialising. So if you want to get out there and meet new people, now is the time.

There are some great summer events coming up at Social Circle while the sun is still hopefully) beaming down on us. We’re really looking forward to the Summer Monster Party & BBQ. Last year, we saw 130 join us for some summer fun, and we’re hoping for at least that turn-out this year. We’ll be having all of the food you can eat, a free glass of Pimms, karaoke, DJ, a magician, and even an ice-cream van. So be sure to join us for some fantastic Manchester socialising at this year’s BBQ Party. The perfect summer event! 🙂