How To Meet New People in Manchester

The three ladies above are talking more about meeting people for dating rather than friendship but the same principles apply. Let’s break down their suggestions one by one: Meeting people at the park They refer to the park as the dog park. I guess that’s more of an American term but then we do have […]

Young Manchester professionals suffering from depression

British psychologists have conducted research which shows that educated 20 and 30- somethings are prone to pre-midlife depression. It is a time that should provide adventure and opportunity, before marriage and mortgages have worn their welcome. But coping with relationships, debt, unemployment (and employment) is causing a quarter-life crisis among young professionals, says a new […]

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Adding a splash of gin to Manchester events

The technical explanation of gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you. Among the best-loved and more complex drinks, with a timeline that covers hundreds of years, gin goes right back to the birth of distillation. It also makes for a great addition to Manchester events. In fact, come […]

Manchester socialising just got Hot! Hot! Hot!

How have you been during the hottest few days of the year? As Brits, we may be used to complaining about how our heat is stickier and clammier than our European counterparts. But those hot summer nights can also make for some fantastic Manchester socialising. This week, we’ve enjoyed weather hotter than Barcelona and Hawaii. […]

Manchester weekends away peak with stunning Snowdonia

Valleys, woodlands, lakes, and mountains…these are the images that Snowdonia brings to mind. However, this North Wales gem has far more to entice its many visitors, which is why it remains one of the most popular Manchester weekends away with Mancunians. The stunning surroundings show off the area’s rich history in its slate quarries, castles, […]

Brexit on Ice- So What Now, Manchester Friends?

Well, it’s been quite a week, Manchester friends. Britain headed for the exit door with a 51.9% Leave vote. And England were knocked out cold by a team called Iceland (personally, I don’t think they would have even stood a chance against Kwik Save with that performance). But what about us up here in Manchester? […]