So What Do You Want To Do In January?

We’re just putting together our events calendar for January. One of the challenges of the calendar is incorporating the events which have proven to be successful, events which haven’t worked the first time but possibly deserve another shot and events that we haven’t tried before, to keep the calendar fresh. Some of the new events we have planned for January include Saturday Morning Jogging in Didsbury and Cinnamon Jive Dancing. One of the new features still to come on the new Website is “suggest an event”. As that is not yet in place, if you have any ideas for events especially those you’d like to be a part of, then contact us on: Whether you have in mind a social or active event or even a weekend away or group holiday then don’t hesitate to get in touch. They’re your events after all!

Social Circle Goes Corporate

Social Circle will, of course, always aim to please you guys who attend our events, members or otherwise. But we feel that we are now at the stage where we can offer a similar service to companies who, in many cases, have an annual fun day themselves and find it very time consuming. We ran our first corporate event back in August for a company and in that very same situation and they certainly felt that it reaped the rewards.

With a group size of 25 and held at Revolution, Deansgate, we divided the day into two parts, with the first being full of fun challenges such as a cocktail race and just pure fun such as karaoke. The second part of the day, held in the evening, saw us visit a selection of bars in the evening, allowing the staff to let their hair down. And the managers certainly did a little of that too.

We aren’t too formal but aren’t too informal either. So why don’t you contact us at and see what we can do for you.

Great Didsbury Wine Night Now On A Friday

The Didsbury Wine Night has always proved to be popular but the one improvement which has been suggested to us on numerous occasions is moving it to a Friday (for obvious reasons). Finding a venue in Didsbury for a Friday or a Saturday night is not the easiest of tasks but we have found one and a superb one at that in the form of The Didsbury. So for those of you who say that you can’t make it because you have work the next day and don’t want to turn up with a hangover, you no longer have an excuse to not attend the greatest wine night in town.

Whether you wish to learn about or improve your knowledge of wine, or just meet some new folk, this is the perfect night to do just that. It’s also a great night to attend if you’ve never been on a Social Circle event before. The social events are always the easiest to start with and there are few nights as social as this one.

So come along, learn a little get social and enjoy all the night has to offer including eight quality wines, nibbles, chocolate and entertainment.

What More Do You Want From Us?

Over the last year, we have added constantly to what we offer to you as part of Social Circle.
We recently added to our already fantastic membership package by providing the FreeStayUK card, giving you free accommodation at hotels across the country.
You wanted a brand new website with more features, including video, and we have provided.
You wanted more events! You’ve got them!
But we don’t intend to stop there but that’s where we need your help. Whether you have an idea for a new event, a new feature you’d like on the Website or if there’s anything we can do to provide a better experience on an event or as a member of Social Circle, we’re here to listen. And we wouldn’t be very social if we didn’t now, would we?

Video Killed The Textual Star!

No matter which industry you work in, no matter which field of entertainment you enjoy, you can’t have failed to have noticed the sheer impact that video has had in recent times. Youtube alone has revolutionised the way we spend our time online. So what better feature to add to the already ever-expanding Social Circle website than video? And let’s face it, we’re all about events and meeting new people and that’s exactly what you see in the 172 videos and counting we have for you on our new video gallery. So if you don’t fancy reading the sheer volume of information we have about Social Circle on that very same website, take a short-cut and let our videos do the talking.

Wow! What A Year!

Social Circle is almost unrecognisable from what it was this time last year!

Over the last year, we’ve managed to:

1) Increased our monthly events from around 15 events per month to over 50.

2) Recruited quality Hosts to help facilitate and organise events.

3) Franchised into Warrington.

4) Had our first European holiday (Barcelona).

5) Had our first activity holiday (Skiing in Bulgaria).

6) Had our first Adventure holiday (Nepal).

7) Held our first Corporate Team Building Event.

8) Introduced an optional membership package and started our joint venture with City Card.

9) Had our first charity event (The Three Peaks Challenge).

10) Expanded into new office premises.

11) Negotiated FREE Hotel Accommodation throughout UK with FREEStay UK for members.

12) Appointed Bowel Cancel UK as Social Circle’s donated Charity – Donation on every paid event!

13) ) Relaunched our NEW Interactive Website.

Whatever will we do next year?

Manchester’s Premier Social & Adventure Network – connecting like minded professionals through FUN Local Events.

A New Website…A New Social Circle!

Regulars among you can’t fail to have noticed the changes in Social Circle over the last year. The primary reason for having our new website developed was to reflect those changes and to make Social Circle more acessible to you than ever before. We have grown in leaps and bounds over the last year with our fantastic membership package, our first three group holidays and our very first corporate event. And now our brand-new spanking website aims to make Social Circle more accessible than ever before. With tons of new featues such as our video gallery and downloadable version of our events calendar, there are more reasons than ever to visit