Video Killed The Textual Star!

No matter which industry you work in, no matter which field of entertainment you enjoy, you can’t have failed to have noticed the sheer impact that video has had in recent times. Youtube alone has revolutionised the way we spend our time online. So what better feature to add to the already ever-expanding Social Circle […]

Wow! What A Year!

Social Circle is almost unrecognisable from what it was this time last year! Over the last year, we’ve managed to: 1) Increased our monthly events from around 15 events per month to over 50. 2) Recruited quality Hosts to help facilitate and organise events. 3) Franchised into Warrington. 4) Had our first European holiday (Barcelona). […]

A New Website…A New Social Circle!

Regulars among you can’t fail to have noticed the changes in Social Circle over the last year. The primary reason for having our new website developed was to reflect those changes and to make Social Circle more acessible to you than ever before. We have grown in leaps and bounds over the last year with […]