Ohhh Vienna…a truly cultural Manchester group holiday

manchester group holiday sviennaVienna is a city that is difficult to beat for culture. So if you’re looking for a Manchester group holiday that is as cultural as it is fun and social, you just may have landed on the perfect city.

Walking in Vienna makes you feel like you’re taking part in a fairy tale, as a you gaze upon the horse and carriage trotting past you. A background of Baroque architecture and imperial history, with Strauss and Mozart providing the soundtrack, is a truly amazing experience; and one that you can only have in Vienna.

However, Vienna isn’t all about history. There’s also much to appreciate in the present. Modernist art and Art Nouveau adds a more modern touch to the city, without losing the emphasis on culture.

Vienna’s culture, however, isn’t limited to art. The city has been know for its café culture, namely coffee and cakes, for centuries. To live like the locals, finding one of the local favourite cafes and tasting Viennese coffee and cake is a must. While those that reside her may grab a coffee on the way to work, it is far more pleasant to enjoy it socially. Coffee Pirates, Demel, and Cafe Museum are among the local favourites.

MuseumsQuarter is a Viennese institution and one that any visitor should not miss. It is among the world’s largest cultural sites and is home to century old art, modern pieces, and everything in between. Highlights include the Leopold Museum, which houses numerous famous pieces of Austrian art, and MUMOK, one of the city’s more well-known contemporary and mdoern art museums.

If you would like to explore Europe’s true capital of culture, and meet some like-minded people at the same time, join us this October for a 4-day trip to Vienna. Click here for more details.

Manchester weekends away peak with stunning Snowdonia

Valleys, woodlands, lakes, and mountains…these are the images that Snowdonia brings to mind. However, this North Wales gem has far more to entice its many visitors, which is why it remains one of the most popular Manchester weekends away with Mancunians. The stunning surroundings show off the area’s rich history in its slate quarries, castles, churches, Roman forts, and Stone Age burial chambers.

Among Wale’s most beautiful and dramatic valleys is Nant Gwynant. The slopes in the North rise right to the top of the highest mountain, Snowdon. The undisturbed Moel y Dyniewyd hills lie to the south.

The Afon Glaslyn river runs through two majestic lakes, Llyn Gwynant and Llyn Dinas, and below the picturesque village of Beddgelert, it tumbles down to sea-level through the positively . The 200 acre Craflwyn estate is set in the heart of beautiful Snowdonia.

Two lakes, Llyn Dinas and Llyn Gwynan feature two majestic lakes running right through then. Below the scenic Beddgelert village, it reaches sea level through the Alpine Aberglaslyn Pass. The Craflwyn estate, covering 200 acres, is situated right in the heart of Snowdonia.

One of Snowdonia’s most favoured areas is Betws-y-Coed.  Situated in, Conwy Valley, the village is ideal for seeing the sights around central Snowdonia National Park. The town was poularised in the 19th Century when the railway was introduced and a number of English artists began to visit here regularly.

If you would like to explore some of these sights personally on one of the more popular Manchester weekends away, and Betws-y-Coed in particular, we have one place left for the upcoming Snowdonia sightseeing weekend. Click here for full details and to secure that one remaining place.

Brexit on Ice- So What Now, Manchester Friends?

Well, it’s been quite a week, Manchester friends. Britain headed for the exit door with a 51.9% Leave vote. And manchester friends british flagEngland were knocked out cold by a team called Iceland (personally, I don’t think they would have even stood a chance against Kwik Save with that performance).

But what about us up here in Manchester?

Well, right now we’re living in the aftermath of two very different but very national events. One we’re used to (at least this time we didn’t have to sit through yet another penalty shoot-out). But the other is more of an unknown quantity. And it is likely to be years before we are really able to assess the full impact of Brexit.

How about instead of all-out panic by those who were hoping for a different outcome, or “I told you so’s” but those who got their wish, we stand together in the face of it all.

The solution to any kind of despair is almost always looking to the support of the person next to you. Those who we know have a powerful influence on how we think and feel and it is important that we have the right people in our lives: those who know us well and are compatible with our tastes and personalities.

When we are limited to spending time with a dwindling social circle, opportunities to enjoy life begin to close and we suddenly being to act and sound like someone we never really wanted to be.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

At Social Circle, we make it our business to introduce our members to like-minded people: those with whom they can enjoy life, share experiences, and create some wonderful memories.

We would like to extend to you the chance to try out Social Circle at no cost so you can find out for yourself, the benefits of being part of something bigger. Click here to try a free event today.

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Manchester Day- A Manchester Event To Remember!

There’s a lot to love about Manchester.  And now we have an annual Manchester event that seems to manchester event- manchester dayimprove each year, getting more raucous, more entertaining, and simply put: more Mancunian.

The 2016 Manchester Day came to a close last Sunday night with firing rockets (from the town hall roof, nonetheless) and thundering percussion in Albert Square’s grand finale.

Not to be deterred by the rain, the show gave an appropriate send off to the day-long, celebrations. The theme this year was Eureka, which was a nice tie-in with the city’s 2016 European City of Science status.

Earlier in the day, Mancunians and otherwise celebrated in the thousands as they witnessed the larger than life parade that twisted and turned between Liverpool Street and Exchange Street under grey, albeit dry, skies.

Albot, the official mascot for the event, led the way as over 2,000 performers, as well as dozens of dazzling floats, entertained the masses. The journey came to an end by a replica of Manchester Museum’s own T-Tex, Stab.

Although the day was a rip-roaring success, that doesn’t mean that our celebration of Manchester should stop there. Ours is a city worth celebrating all year round. With new venues opening up all the time, giving us increasing opportunities to socialise and meet new people, there is always a reason to be thankful for being a Mancunian (original or adopted).

If you like meeting new people, why not try a free Manchester event with Social Circle. Whether you enjoy going out on a weekend to visit one of the many bars and restaurants in the city centre, fancy a night at the movies, or prefer to do something outdoors, such as a countryside walk on a Sunday afternoon, there is always an opportunity to get out there and enjoy Manchester and its surrounding areas.manchester event- manchester day



A summer BBQ is the perfect Manchester socialisers occasion

The Social Circle BBQ has reached legendary stays, having hundreds upon hundreds of Manchester socialisers and foodies alike enjoy this extremely popular event over the course of the last few years.

You can feast on an unlimited amount of food, revel in Pimms (including a complimentary glass) and sunshine, and sing/dance along with the karaoke and DJ.

Here are a few of the highlights of the BBQ:

  • A free welcome glass of Pimms and more….
  • Top DJ spinning dance floor hits all night long
  • Fully stocked bar at great low prices
  • Delicious free BBQ food – all cooked for you (as much as you can eat!) (* Don’t worry we even cater for vegetarians and any other dietry requirements!)
  • Ideal summer location that has been specially booked just for us to party the late afternoon to late evening away!One of the best opportunities to meet a large number of members all in the same room.
  • Karaoke, games, prizes and more fun than you can handle!
  • Free ice cream van with flake.
  • Late night evening suprise party fun.

As I mentioned earlier, this is an extremely popular event so early booking is definitely advisable: the venue can only hold so many. We also have an early bird rate up until the 1st of July so book now to secure your place and save. It’s a no-brainer! 🙂

Come and enjoy the Manchester socialisers event of the year with us!



Improve your self-confidence

Self confidence can be learned. It isn’t simply a trait that is with you when you are born. Further, meet-new-people-in-manchesterit is regarded as among the key traits in achieving your goals. You need to have belief in yourself on trust your own actions and decisions.

There is a variety of methods and ways to improve self esteem and self confidence. You will need to pursue these methods if you really wish to purse self-confidence and become a strong character with a willful mind.

Don’t strive to be perfect

One of the main causes of failure when it comes to self-confidence is the refusal to accept flaws. They obsessively attempt to change anything that they believe doesn’t flatter them and then imitate somebody who they perceive as being ideal. Role models are all find but not to the degree that it causes negative thoughts, such as jealousy and envy. It only leads to frustration.

To feel confident in yourself, you need to accept that you have flaws. There will be thing that show off your limitations and there will e those times when life is not going how you planned. Don’t strive for perfection as it will cause you to procrastinate and result in you being that much further from achieving your goals. Be happy with who you are and make improvements without worrying whether or not they will improve.

Stand up for your beliefs

There may be times when you external situations test your beliefs and principals. Somewhere on the way, you may find yourself losing confidence and and doubting whether your beliefs are still worth having.

You should bear in mind that there are no right or wrong beliefs and principals. They are based on how you perceive and interpret the world. Therefore, those beliefs impact you positively or negatively based on how you react to them. People will always have their own opinions on what you believe in and there will be those who insist on giving their two pennys worth. It is up to you to stand strong in the face of criticism. If you believe strongly enough in your principals, outside opinions will have little effect upon you.

Don’t let failure defeat you

You will experience a wide range of emotions in life. There will be times when you feel happy and there will those days when you feel that nothing is going to go right. However, when failure builds upon failure, things can start to get on top of you and all sorts of negative thoughts will be running through your mind. So be prepared for those times in advance and realise that you can’t change the inevitable. There will always be low moments: they happen to everyone.

Self-confidence can really only be achieved, however, by applying this advice in the midst of your own social circle. You need to become immersed in life if you are ever really to find the best of you. At Social Circle, we enable people to improve their self-confidence by meeting all kinds of new people, getting involved in a range of varying events and activities: and we even have self-confidence workshops on our calendar. Don’t talk yourself out of it: try a free event and meet new people in Manchester today.

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Manchester social life or life on social media?

Social media has become all to prevalent in our daily lives. It seems to have changed the way we social-manchester-eventsview one another, to such an extent that the way we communicate to people online vs online has altered and has resulted in a complicated mesh of communication in all kinds of relationships. Human relationship have long been the subject of TV shows, films, poetry and self help books. This added dimension of social media has only served to complicate the matter further.

The amount of time we invest into the likes of Twitter and Facebook has soared and is even an activity we engage in whilst we are busy doing something else (including while with family and friends). It’s become a part of life that sometimes takes priority over more important areas of life.

Social media is hardly the epitome of deep communication. It’s fun and light-hearted and users don’t give away much of their emotional value. However, at the same time, these same people are placing less emphasis on real world relationships.

You also run the risk of offending that many more people as it seems so much easier to ignore somebody online leaving your friends wondering why you haven’t replied to their latest comment on your holiday snaps. This could then impact upon your real world relationship with that person.

The flip side of that is communicating too much online. It can be addictive, and even dangerous when you do it so often that you ignore those around you.

Sending the online version of yourself into the streets of the web because you don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to go out with is a dangerous situation as it can remain that way for many years. Loneliness exists in all of us sometimes but when it sinks to the level of social media obsession, it should really ring alarm bells. Sending a Tweet when at the lowest point may bring temporarily relief should somebody reply but it doesn’t really help to improve the situation.

Of course, just going out on a Friday night when you have nobody to go out with is not a solution, either. The only way to overcome this situation is to meet new people but how or where do you do that? Social Circle has a multitude of events each and event month that welcomes those who come along on their own. In fact, the vast majority of people who attend arrive on their own. So everybody is in the same boat and everybody makes an effort to get to know one another. We also have a host in hand to facilitate introductions, if needed. Try a free trial Manchester event or come along to our New Member’s Night (free for everyone) and you may just find that it is more engaging that spending the night on Facebook.

top 10 places to go in manchester social circle

Manchester professionals ditch the pub for pilates

Many young professionals seem to revolve their after work activities almost exclusively around things-to-do-in-manchester-pilatesdrinking. There are no shortage of bars in Manchester. Bars are fantastic for catching up, meeting new people up, and enjoying big nights out, Or even watching the latest United or City match.

Once fully immersed in this lifestyle, drinking can burn a hole in your pocket, as well as your professional life if you’re hungover at work the next month, and most certainly your health if you’re not satisfied after one or two drinks.

The fact is, however, that young professionals would be doing more with their time if they knew what was available to them.

There are lots of things to do if you simply look online on websites such as Trip Advisor and Time Our, or even Yelp. Find activities that excite you, that would deter you from yet another night at the bar.

Learn something new: why not try learning a new skill (or mastering an old one). We have plenty of opportunities for you to try new things, whether it be Thai cooking, wine tasting (admittedly that may be more about drinking wine), improving self-confidence, business planning, and even nutrition and astrology (yes really, astrology).

Read a book: you don’t have to do this on your own. Okay, the actual reading you would need to do on your own but why not read the latest title chosen by our book club and then come along to the selected bar or cafe and discuss it with some new friends.

Explore some culture: there is something slightly mystical about making your way around a museum or art gallery after hours. It seems to have a more adventurous feel about it than when making a visit during the day. There are late night visits at the various venues in Manchester, such as Manchester Art Gallery, where we often visit, before making out way to somewhere more social so we can get to know one another.

Get physical: we have a wealth of fitness classes on our events calendar, including kettlercise, zumba, metafit, the list goes on and on. That’s right: you can get fit whilst being a member of Social Circle. You can attend a class a week if you want to (or even multiple classes). That’s definitely one way to beat the stresses of the working week.

Yup! Social Circle has a wealth of things to do in Manchester on our monthly events calendar. Sure, if you want to go out for a drink, we have plenty of events to accommodate. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that (although we tend to save it for the weekends). But we have so much more than that: meals, fitness classes, dance classes, weekends away. So if your idea of events in Manchester is more than just a drink with your friends or colleagues every night, why not try a free event with Social Circle?

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Top 10 Manchester Family Days Out

manchester family days out
Manchester is a great place far a day out with the family. It is home to Premiership giants Manchester United and Manchester City, there are a thousand and one shopping opportunities, and the attractions such as Sea Life and Heaton Park have something for everyone. Here are the top 10 family attractions, as voted for by Social Circle members.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Chill Factore

If you like your days action packed, you could do far worse than pay a visit to Manchester’s resident snow centre. The snow parks offers no shortage of thrills and spills as you can race, ride, spin and slide for hours on end. You don’t need to be a professional either as there are taster sessions available for both snowboarding and skiing, along with lessons for those at more advanced levels. Oh, and there’s also a 12m climbing wall if you’re up for the challenge.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Manchester Climbing Centre

Climbing is a fun way to improve fitness levels for all of the family. The main climbing hall is located inside a glorious Victorian church. If you parents feel like relaxing with a few confectioneries such as hot snacks, cakes, and hot and cold drinks, inside the mezzanine cafe, you can sit back and watch the kids have fun.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Museum Of Science & Industry

MOSI is one of Manchester’s cultural hotspots. It features numerous interactive displays, along with a constant schedule of exhibitions looking at both industry and science. Exhibitions include a dedicated locomotives hall, an animation exhibition, air an space all, a Victorian sewer recreation, and a 4D cinema.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Sea Life Manchester

If you want a fun day with the family, pay a visit to Manchester Sea Life Sanctuary a visit. You can enjoy the combined indoor and outdoor attractions with more than 5000 sea creatures, which include fish, rays, sharks, and Giant Green Sea Turtle Ernie. Children can interact with numerous creatures in the rock pools, as well as enjoy feed shows and talks at various times in the day. You can also have a go at a unique dive experience, plunging beneath the waves on a SeaTREK.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Paradise Island Adventure Golf

Fun an indoor activity for the whole family, try paying a visit to Paradise Island Adventure Golf with its two 18 hole course. You and your family will be making your way around temple ruins, exotic wildlife, and stone carvings. You will also be ‘putting’ your golfing skills and you will quickly determine who the best golfer in the family is.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Heaton Park

Thee is no shortage of things to do at Heaton park so feel free to bring the whole family. There is a farm centre with animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, alpacas, and cows. There is also a play area to keep the kids busy. For the more active in mind, you can have a go at mini golf, train rides, and rowing boats.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Manchester Art Gallery

For a day combining fun and education, pay a visit to Manchester Art Gallery. There is a wealth of things to do such as story bags and workshops. You could spend half a day, or even an entire day here, engaging in the available activities and, of course, viewing the impressive collection of decorative and fine art.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…Aerial Extreme

A treetop trail right in the heart of the city. The urban adventure, located in the INTU centre, is perfect for those families which thrive on adventure. With 2 high speed zip wires and 38 obstacles, the course takes you all the way from ground level to 27 feet and back again in 1 1/2 hours of fun.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…The Whitworth

This stunning art gallery, established in 1889, went through a recent £15mn redevelopment. The exhibitions show off contemporary works and breathes new life into its global collections. Families are catered for with numerous events providing both education and fun. There are also art hampers available at all times, full of ideas and art materials to keep children busy and creative.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum offers an interesting collection of artefacts and treasures. Collection highlights include live reptiles and amphibians, fossils from pre-historic creatures, and a T. Rez skeleton. You can even get your hands on some of the objects.

manchester family days out

Top 10 Manchester cycles

manchester cycling social circle
Manchester, as well as its surrounding areas, features numerous cycling routes that pass some very attractive sights, including the National Cycle Networks routes 6 and 60. The Trans Pennine Trail passes through the area with several traffic free areas to enjoy. Here are the top 10 Manchester cycling routes as voted by Social Circle.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Manchester to Macclesfield

On this scenic ride from Manchester to Cheshire, you will start at the Manchester Oxford station which heads south along Chorlton to the River Mersey. From this point, you will be riding along, traffic free, along the Trans Pennine Trail before heading to Stockport, passing Chorlton Water Park along the way. After passing through Bredbury, you will join an off road area by the River Goyt, which will see you in Marple. You will then connect to the Middlewood Way- a pleasant off road cycle which runs from Macclesfield to Marple. You will also pass by the Macclesfield Canal.

Social Circle voted 10/10 for…Trans Pennine Trail

This cycling and walking trail which runs from coast to coast to across the North of England on entirely surfaced paths. It begins at Hornsea on the Yorkshire coast before passing through Yorkshire itself, Derby and Manchester. You will end up at the Merseyside coast, Southport.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Fallowfield Loop

The traffic free ride takes its route from the National Cycle Network, starting at Chorlton-cum-Hardy and ending up at Debdale. The route travels an old railway line before passing Fallowfield and Levenshulme, finishing at Debdale Park with its off-road trails by Gorton’s reservoirs.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Manchester Loop

Tour Manchester along the NCN routes 6 and 60. You will enjoy largely a traffic free ride, which makes it a fantastic way of touring the city. You will begin the ride at Manchester Oxford Road train station before passing through Chorlton, Levenshulme and Openshaw. The ride will end at Manchester Piccadilly station. Along the way, you will see such highlights as views of the City of Manchester Stadium and the Gorton Reservoir.

Social Circle voted 9/10 for…Heaton Park

Enjoy walking and cycling in this sizeable park in Prestwich. Covering more than 600 acres, it is Manchester’s largest park in fact and Europe’s largest municipal park. Park attractions include a tram system, an observatory, ornamental gardens, woodlands, an animal farm, a boating lake, a gold course, and Heaton Hall, which dates back to the 18th century.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Manchester to Warrington

Here, you will ride from Manchester to Cheshire along NCN route 62 and the Trans Pennine Trail. You will start from Manchester Oxford Road Station before riding South through Chorlton on the way to the River Mersey. There will also be quiet roads and off road areas on your way through Trafford to Altrincham. The final part of the ride into Warrington takes you along the Manchester Ship Canal.

Social Circle voted 8/10 for…Prestwich Forest Park

Bury’s pretty park is the perfect choice for a peaceful cycle or walk. The park covers around 500 acres, including woodland trails along with a waterside path that runs by the River Irwell.

Prestwich Forest is on the Irwell Sculpture Trail, if you can afford the time to investigate more interesting sights. There is also a mountain bike trek at Philips Park, which is located on the western side of Prestwich Forest.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…Manchester to Altrincham

This cyles takes the NCN route 62 along Manchester to Altrincham. You will start at Manchester Oxford Road station before heading south to the River Mersey. You will pass through Chorlton and Sale Water Park along the way. You will ride through Trafford before finishing up at Altrincham train station.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…Manchester to Marple

In this cycle, you will follow NCN routes 6,62 and 55 through Manchester and Cheshire. You will enjoy some traffic free time on the Trans Pennine Trail on the way to Stockport. You will then pass through Bredbury and an off road area by the Rover Got before finishing at Marple train station.

Social Circle voted 7/10 for…Manchester to Liverpool

This ride sees you ride along NCN route 62, as well as the Trans Pennine Trail, between the two cities. You will enjoy a traffic free area from Trafford to Altrincham along the River Mersey which will see you cycle through Warrington and Widnes. You will cycle thrugh the outskirts of Liverpool through quiet roads before taking your final stretch along the Mersey, ending up at the Albert Dock.

top manchester cycles social circle