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At the battle of Stiklestad in Norway

Minister Anne Pryke said the money would address a shortage of both frontline and specialist nurses.Jason Cronin, the association’s branch secretary, said “We are mindful of Deputy Anne Pryke’s comments but the government must appreciate that this has to be new monies.”He added that the association was especially concerned that retention levels of nurses have deteriorated over the past decade and no “systematic analysis” of trends in nursing retention levels had been carried out.Deputy Pryke said it was difficult to recruit and train staff and that high costs of living and childcare meant some nurses left the island.She said the money would be used to try to attract and keep more health staff. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled.

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Cocktails and Conversation Make for True Sophistication

How about an evening for all of you socialites in enjoying some classic, as well as Manchester social event - cocktail nighta selection of lesser-known and even more intriguing, cocktails. Come along and join us for a Manchester social event that oozes sophistication and conversation, Cocktails at The Hilton. It has been among the more popular of Social Circle’s social events for quite some time now so come along and find out why.

You can make a night out of it and dress for the occasion; it’s the Hilton, after all. You can make your appearance and conversation as sophisticated as you want but don’t worry, I’m sure the conversation will turn into the usual Friday night chitter-chatter. You an get to know some new Manchester friends who are looking for some Friday night fun with people just like you.

The views from the Hilton venue, Cloud 23 are simply stunning and perhaps offer the best view of the city, the Manchester Wheel aside. You can also see the set of Britain’s’ favourite soap, Coronation Street, one of the highlights of the venue.

Cocktails can be a potent drink and just because they contain fruit juices and other sweet liqueurs , don’t think that they can’t go to your head. So be warned 🙂

There are also nibbles to help you wash down your cocktails and it’s a Friday night, so grabbing a slice or two of pizza on the way home probably wouldn’t go amiss either 😉 That would round off what promises to be a true Manchester social event.

Wow! What A Year!

Social Circle is almost unrecognisable from what it was this time last year!

Over the last year, we’ve managed to:

1) Increased our monthly events from around 15 events per month to over 50.

2) Recruited quality Hosts to help facilitate and organise events.

3) Franchised into Warrington.

4) Had our first European holiday (Barcelona).

5) Had our first activity holiday (Skiing in Bulgaria).

6) Had our first Adventure holiday (Nepal).

7) Held our first Corporate Team Building Event.

8) Introduced an optional membership package and started our joint venture with City Card.

9) Had our first charity event (The Three Peaks Challenge).

10) Expanded into new office premises.

11) Negotiated FREE Hotel Accommodation throughout UK with FREEStay UK for members.

12) Appointed Bowel Cancel UK as Social Circle’s donated Charity – Donation on every paid event!

13) ) Relaunched our NEW Interactive Website.

Whatever will we do next year?

Manchester’s Premier Social & Adventure Network – connecting like minded professionals through FUN Local Events.

A New Website…A New Social Circle!

Regulars among you can’t fail to have noticed the changes in Social Circle over the last year. The primary reason for having our new website developed was to reflect those changes and to make Social Circle more acessible to you than ever before. We have grown in leaps and bounds over the last year with our fantastic membership package, our first three group holidays and our very first corporate event. And now our brand-new spanking website aims to make Social Circle more accessible than ever before. With tons of new featues such as our video gallery and downloadable version of our events calendar, there are more reasons than ever to visit