Social Circle: Manchester Bars Continue To Thrive

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Manchester Bars Continue To Thrive

Social Circle, Manchester Bars Continue To Thrive

Deansgate Locks had the last great impact on the Manchester bars scene with many following with the Nothern Quarter seeing a new bar open on a regular basis. With bars such as Odder, TV 21 and the popular Bluu, the Manchester bars scene is thriving in that neck of the woods.

The Manchester bars scene has also added more than a sprinkling of glitz and glamour in recent years, with Cloud 23 joining the likes of Panacea and The Living Room as favourite additions of the city's growing array of cocktail bars.

Of course, there are old favourites such as aforementioned Living Room and Kro. The city, although not in fear of change doesn't shy away from embracing tradition and are not ready to give up the core of its Manchester bars scene just yet.

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