Social Circle: Manchester Attractions Know How To Draw A Crowd

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Manchester Attractions Know How To Draw A Crowd

Social Circle, Manchester Attractions Know How To Draw A Crowd

There are plenty of Manchester attractions to garner enough interest in people to visit the city of Manchester. The Manchester wheel gives a fantastic view of the city. But then so does The Modern restaurant at the top of another one of the many Manchester attractions, the Urbis centre.

Manchester attractions are at the heart of the city and can tell its stories better than any individual. The Urbis centre is one of the more recent Manchester attractions and dedicates itself to exhibiting the best of Urban culture with exhibitions 'Haunted Manchester' to the legend that is Morrissey. They also have regular local tours.

Other Manchester attractions include Old Trafford and the City of Manchester Stadium, the city's fine array of museums and art galleries, such as The Museum of Science and Industry and The Gallery of Costume. The former boasting two great examples of the city's pioneering spirit: the first to split the atom and the first computer.

For a great view of the city, why not try a ride on the open top bus leaving from St' Peter's Square.

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