Add some Manchester style to your life

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It’s quite easy to get stuck in the same old routine. You get up, go to work, and come home to a menu of a meal for one and a feast of your favourite soaps. It becomes your lifestyle. But how about adding some colour to your life so it’s more social, more fun, and more active?

There’s so much more to life than what most of us see and we need a kick up the you-know-what to really start living life. The fact is that life is about meeting like-minded people, making the most of where you live, and enjoying new activities.

If your ideal of a fun lifestyle, is going out at the weekends, whether enjoying Manchester’s fine bar and restaurants on a Friday and Saturday night, or going away for the weekend at one of the nearby getaways such as the Lakes or the Peak District, you can achieve that at Social Circle. Or maybe, a positive lifestyle for you is getting involved in fitness activities, such as salsa and zumba. Guess what? We have those too.

What we strive for is giving you the choice; the choice to design your own lifestyle around our ready-made monthly calendar. Each month, we offer a number of regular events which you have told us time and again that you enjoy. We also add in some of what is going on in Manchester that month. So, you see, there is no excuse not to give your lifestyle a makeover with the no.1 Manchester social group.

Put your knowledge to the test at a Manchester pub quiz

manchester socialising pub quiz
Get your thinking caps on and join us on our monthly visit to the Oddest pub quiz in Chorlton. You will get the chance to meet some new Manchester friends whilst showing off your knowledge of sports, music, of whatever your specialty may be. And if you don’t have one, come along anyway :)

Quiz nights are often a relief from the typical night out drinking in your local bar, pub, or club. Whether it’s teaming up with your existing friends or meeting some new ones, as is the case with Social Circle, it’s a great way to get together and meet up for a laugh. All in all, it’s a great night out and you never know, you may even find yourself winning a prize

You will get to brainstorm on a great team name and then you’re all ready to get started. The best thing about these nights is that they’re fun, free (or close to), and interactive. Of course, as you’ll be in a bar, you’ll probably want to enjoy a snack and a drink or two.

So come along for a night of guaranteed fun meeting some new Manchester friends, as well as maybe a prize at the end of it, with a bunch of like-minded people all wanting to have fun. Oddest will bun through a series of questions in two hours or so. The bar menu will be available throughout the quiz including local beers on draft, a selection of wines, and a range of cocktails.

We have a wide range of Manchester fitness classes at Social Circle
There’s no shortage of options in this day and age when it comes to fitness classes. From salsa and pilates to zumba and kettlercise to more extravagant classes such as burlesque and Brazilian zouk, we like to think we offer quite the variety at Social Circle.

But why would you bother getting involved in these classes and why would you take them at Social Circle as opposed to Social Circle? Well, let me answer the second question first as that’s the easiest one to tackle. Social Circle features over 100 free events per month, including many fitness classes such as those mentioned above. However, we also offer many, many more events such as walking, cinema, bowling, and nights out at some of Manchester’s finest bars and restaurants.

With regards to why you should bother getting involved in fitness classes at all, there are an abundance of reasons. Maybe you feel that you need to lose weight, which certainly be a valid reason but even if you don’t, you will find that you have increased energy and circulation and just generally feel better about yourself. So you see, there’s really no reason not to start exercising right now.

Take a look at the wide range of manchester fitness classes we have available on our calendar and commit to attending at least one to begin with. When you begin seeing some of the benefits above, you’ll be glad you made the decision to improve your health and fitness.

Bluff you way through an evening of Manchester social poker

manchester social group poker
Poker may conjure up the image of a casino full of hard gamblers, awake until the early hours trying to win their next fortune. Or you may even be transported to a far away Las Vegas with all the glitz and glamour of the world’s gambling capital.

Instead, imagine a cold night in Manchester with a few friends, some you may have met before, some maybe not. The game is Texas Hold’Em and if you really want to help create a theme, feel free to bring some beer and nachos. And even your shades if you really want to look the part.

Yes, you will be expected to bluff and you will no doubt learn a thing or two about your opponents as the game goes on, which makes it one of the more interesting ways to meet people; as well as one of the most fun.

So if you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have an Ace or two or up your sleeve or bluff your way through a hand of poker, now is your chance. Come and enjoy a game or two of poker with our Manchester social group. You never know, if you play your cards right, you may just be the one not to go away empty-handed :)

One-Two-Three, One-Two-Three, salsa mains the perfect ‘Manchester’ social dance

manchester social group
There are few more social activities than social. If you’re not afraid to make a fool of yourself, you will get to meet lots of people as the instructor moves everybody around one-by-one. So be prepared to say your name a lot and meet a lot of people, all looking to have a great time.

Salsa has a number of benefits, in fact. It’s a great form of exercise and the beauty of it is that you will be having so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re exercising.

It’s pretty casual too. Anyone can just turn up, with friends or on their own, and whether you’re wearing your finest evening clothes or just casual slacks. And whilst you may not be practicing for the world championships just yet, you do get the benefit of an experienced instructor.

It’s even better with Social Circle as you have one of the best social activities combined with the best social network in Manchester. So you can’t fail to feel the social benefits, at least :)

We have classes each month on Mondays and Sundays (check the calendar for specific dates).

So polish your dancing shoes (or trainers, whichever your preference), be ready to meet some new Manchester friends, and put on your smiling face.


Sometimes you just need to meet new people

meet new people in manchester
We often surround ourselves with people who are not good for us. Or there is always that one person in the crowd who enjoys putting down everyone and everything around them- although they enjoy telling you that they have their best interests at heart. But how do we escape this? I mean, if we suddenly decided to be bold and told these people where to go, our social life begins to far less…well, social.

The only way we can break this viscous circle is to get out there and meet new like-minded people who can share good times with without fear that you’re saying or doing something wrong.

Once you meet the right people, you immediatley begin to feel more confident about yourself and letting the real you leap to the surface. No more Friday and Saturday evenings listening to problem after problem from ‘friends’ who have nothing else better to do than to moan about their working week. No more sat watching Strictly Come Dancing simply because you have no other option. Instead, you can get out there and let your hair down and have fun with some fab new people in Manchester. You can also try new activities and get involved in fitness classes, such as zumba and burlesque. Whatever social and activity events that you enjoy, you will find some new friends to enjoy them right along with you. So come on and take the plunge…meet some new people in Manchester today.

Alcohol testers needed for Chorton pub crawl

manchester-social-events-19If you haven’t yet been on a Social Circle Manchester pub crawl, the time is now. We not only sample some of the finest bars in some of Manchester’s finest drinking towns but we also have a great time meeting friends, old and new.

Chorlton is a vibrant and creative area and is known for its bohemian nature and its independent pubs and bars. Along with the more modern and unique bars, there are also the more traditional pubs to satisfy that old adage, ‘there’s something for everyone’.

Just some of the bars we will be visiting:

Dulcimer: In the heart of Chorlton, Dulcimer provides an extensively chosen selection of beers, wines & spirits as well as an exciting vibrant atmosphere set to a soundtrack of fine folk music.

Proof: The result of a gamble by two twenty-something Manchester bartenders, Jon and Andy, proof° has been born and is one of Manchester’s most exciting and innovative bars. Until recently, Manchester has been all about city-centre drinking… now they think the suburbs are where it’s at; so here they are in Chorlton.

So come and join us on our Manchester pub crawl in Chorlton and ask yourself where we’ve been all your life ;)

Time to make a change for 2015

manchester social groupIf you’re excited about the year ahead, you should be. If you’re not, you SHOULD be. A new year gives us a chance to make ourselves over with a new outlook on life. That may be deciding to lose weight, accepting that job offer, moving to a new city, anything which can have a major impact on your life. However, some of the things which can have the biggest impact often get left on the shelf. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest influences on us as individuals is other people we allow into our life. Whether we feel that we don’t know enough people or that we don’t feel valued enough by those we already know, meeting new people is often what changes everything. Just think, a brand new circle of friends and you suddenly leave yourself open to brand new opportunities. Whether that be someone who has always wanted to try that adrenalin activity you were always curious abut but didn’t feel like you wanted to do alone or someone with the same outlook on life as you who you can share a drink or two with on a weekend. Maybe it’s someone who turns into more than a friend, or even someone who knows someone with a job offer right up your street.

A new circle of friends, however, is not something that traditionally falls into your lap. You build up friendships over time at work, at your local fitness centre, or meeting friends of friends. But what if there was an option that enables you to meet as many new people as you want whenever you want and all whilst enjoying yourself at social events or trying your hand at fun, social, and adventurous activities? Well, now you can do just that thanks to Social Circle. Take a closer look at the premier Manchester social group here.

Mulled wine and merriment

friends in manchester christmas marketsIt’s that time of the year when Manchester turns into one big giant super-market. Wait, that didn’t sound right! Not a super-market exactly but more of a city showcasing Europe’s finest food, drink, and other stuff you can buy from markets. All with a Christmas flavour, of course. And there’s no other Christmas flavour that attracts the masses quite like mulled wine.

So it’s time to get into the spirit of Christmas with lots of fun an socialising and often, that starts with paying a visit to Manchester’s Christmas Markets. We’ve had the lights switch on and now we have the markets too to give the city that familiar festive look.

When an event attracts people from all over the country, you know it’s gotta be good. And that’s because the markets are not just a shopping experience but a leisure one.
Don’t forget to sample Dutch mini pancakes, Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella and French profiteroles. Not all in one sitting, of course :)

But as with any local event revolving around Christmas, it is best done with an opportunity to meet new people in Manchester. Sampling a delicious mulled wine is always best done with some like-minded people who can appreciate it along with you ;)

So come and make some new Manchester friends at the Christmas markets and enjoy the beginning of the festive season.

The forgotten art of real-world socialising

 meet new people in manchesterYou may enjoy sitting on your couch at home engaging with your friends (and even family) through social media (twitter, facebook, instagram) reflecting on the days when you used to go out and meet each other face-to-face.

But what are the effects of socialising 2.0 and are they positive or negative? Should your friends find out that you’ve cancelled a night out on Facebook or should your relatives see your baby photos for the first time on Instagram?

There are numerous benefits to be had from real-world socialising. It not only provides fun and enjoyment but that’s not all. It also helps to reduce stress throughout the day. It builds positive and worthwhile friendships not only with those you already know but with their friends also. It improves your mood, and as long as you meet the right friends, you will also receive encouragement when you need it and support when you really need it.

Being social also improves your personal development and growth. In some cases, it increases your self-esteem and confidence by getting rid of your shyness and improving your ability to work a crowd. By continually using you mind to and engaging with people, it improves your ability to function, mentally.

Promoting real-world socialising is what we do best at Social Circle as we facilitate social and platonic introductions in a group setting through social and fun events. From pub crawls and comedy night to indoor climbing and abseiling, we make it easy for people to meet others who enjoy doing the same things. Meet new people in Manchester, expand your social horizons and please, get the hell of Facebook for at least one night a week :)